Gordon Lightfoot Meant a Lot to Me – ’70s Lake Superior Adventures

Every time my high school and college friend, Steve and I would drive up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA in NE Minnesota) to go canoeing, we listened to Gordon Lightfoot’s music much of the way, and would stop at Split Rock Lighthouse. I remember once cooking our macaroni and cheese in a crack in the ground by the cliff, since it was so windy. Continue reading “Gordon Lightfoot Meant a Lot to Me – ’70s Lake Superior Adventures”

Tom Cobaugh: God’s moral principles are a castle, not a prison — our protective walls and moat!

God’s moral principles are a castle: strong walls and a moat that protects us from the destructive influences of Satan, the world and our own sin nature — our refuge!

‘Do you see God’s moral principles as a prison that keeps you from doing what you want, or as a castle that protects you from the destructive influences of Satan, the world and your own sin nature?’

One of dozens of Tom Cobaugh’s Sunday classes that I attended.

Tom Cobaugh teaching at ABT, Sunday school 2/13/22

LX5 Landscape Photography by Charlie Waite — multi-aspect ratio sensor demonstrated

My favorite video that Panasonic produced which shows how useful, creative and fun the multi-aspect ratio sensor is on this camera. I fell in love with this feature while using it during most of my final days working at NWA/Delta cargo, from 2010-2012.

Currently, Panasonic’s only still camera in production using the multi-aspect ratio sensor is the LX100 II, which is much bigger, but has stellar image quality because of its all-glass lens and large, micro four thirds sensor.

Their GH5S also has a multi-aspect ratio sensor, but is designed for video mainly, as it only has 10 MP and no IBIS (in-body image stabilization).  [a review]

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My favorite 2010 compact camera reviewed in 2022

Great review of the camera I used during most of my final days working at NWA/Delta cargo, from 2010-2012. Sometime in 2012, Sony’s RX100 replaced it, because the image quality was much better in low light especially with the 20 MP 1 inch sensor.

With this camera, I fell in love with the multi-aspect ratio sensor, which sadly, is almost extinct now.

Rodney Lough, Jr. explains persistence in photographing ‘Day Dreaming’

Photo Link: Day Dreaming – Rodney Lough Jr.

Thankfully, I was able to visit Rodney Lough Jr.’s three galleries before they all closed. What a glorious experience! How he captured God’s nature is breathtaking! I have found it so sad that people’s interest in nature photography has waned, which is why I parked my camera gear. Continue reading “Rodney Lough, Jr. explains persistence in photographing ‘Day Dreaming’”

My favorite Saturday morning cartoon: “Johnny Quest”

Probably my favorite show as a child, along with ‘Daniel Boone,’ ‘Timmy and Lassie’ — and later when in high school: ‘Kung Fu.’

On Saturday mornings, I watched “Johnny Quest.”

– –

A rare documentary featuring interviews, rare clips and insight into the origins of Jonny Quest and its creators. This amazing documentary originally appeared on the most excellent JONNY QUEST DVD box set.

Jonny Quest- Adventures in Animation

Photo: Dave Bronson is the man – NWA captain!

Great Photo – Dave Bronson is the man! Anchorage needs an honest, pragmatic mayor at the helm!

Dave remembers me from when I worked the NWA 747 freighters he piloted. He told me he also had trouble not hitting his head on the main deck’s ceiling as we both had to climb the ladder to get up to the cockpit.

I told him I went up it too fast twice, and should have learned the first time. He said it happened to him too, and that the opening wasn’t designed for people over 6 feet.

Our 747F-100s were designed in the ’60s.

Petra: ‘Let Everything That Hath Breath’ (Praise the Lord)

I became a Christian in 1974 while reading the Paul and Silas jailer story in Acts 16 mentioned in this song. It was clear to me they had what I wanted. I was trying to find the true source of being able to love others — the one true religion that worked, which I hadn’t found while studying in the Lutheran school system K-12. While in my senior year, I don’t know why, but I decided to start reading the Bible in Acts 1, which I still think is a great place to start.

– –

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord
Let every creature under God’s sun praise the Lord
Let all the mountains, let all the valleys
Let all the hillsides sing of His glory
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Israel had a war to fight but the Lord showed them the secret
He said the battle this day is mine, but you must listen how to do it
Put your singers first in front of the rest
Let them praise and sing to me
And you will see the salvation of your God
And watch your enemies flee

Paul and Silas were thrown in jail
For preaching the gospel of Christ
Though in chains they praised His name singing songs in the night
Just then an earthquake shook the place and the chains and the doors were loosened
Then the jailer ran in scared to death and that day he found salvation

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Wim Hof Cold Showers in Alaska — My Experience

I’ve been taking cold showers for at least a year. Alaska’s tap water is ideal at 41°F in winter and 46°F in summer.

My feet used to get cold outside, but now I can wear summer shoes (with screws for traction) with one pair of regular socks comfortably in slightly below zero Fahrenheit

My hands still get cold though, which I’m finally now theorizing may be because my arms and hands don’t spend much time in the cold water, which I’m going to now change, whereas the feet are in cold water during the entire shower.

As a child, playing outside for hours in Minnesota, and downhill skied without a mask. I frostbit my fingers, toes and nose, and thought they’d never improve.

My toes seem back to normal now at age-63, thanks to Wim Hof and Alaska’s cold tap water!

Life giving therapy that costs nothing!

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Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer – “In those days, you needed to be original. These days, you have to be the same”

I’m grateful that I grew up when much of the music was originally interesting, instead of straight mind-control, like most of it is today.

– –

“We formed this band, and decided it had to be original. In those days, the currency was originality. You needed to be original. These days, it’s more like you have to be ‘the same’ to fit into some market concept.”

“We decided to use European music for the influence.”

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The Death of Spurr – Kenai, Alaska Eagle Cam

Someone from the city tried to rescue Spurr, but found Spurr didn’t survive the 40 foot fall.

I’ve been watching the City of Kenai Eagle Cam every day since before the hatches. This was SO SAD to see happen. The father hasn’t been seen in weeks. Aurora, the mother is doing a good job raising Denali, who is starting to grow feathers and was even eating salmon on his/her own.

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Alaskan Todd Salat’s “Joy of Nature” Aurora Video Featuring “Open Heart!”

Nothing demonstrates the glory of God to me in nature more than the wondrous northern lights dancing overhead, filling the entire sky!

Walking through the Redwoods is my #2 most awesome. And the flight over the 50-mile-long Ruth glacier in front of Denali is #3.

I’ve actually had some AMAZING supernatural experiences in the presence of God that top these natural experiences, including when the angels sung during the Rodney Howard-Browne meetings in Anchorage, 1993.

The coming spiritual revival will be AWESOME!

I do like this “Open Heart” image a lot!

– –

Here’s a short video of the best northern lights I saw on my 18-night springtime Aurora Hunt to the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska in early April, 2020. Hope you can feel the real-time JOY, and please feel free to share!

For those who enjoy more resolution, I have a 1080p HD version on my YouTube Channel youtube.com/user/toddsalat/videos, and a 4K on my Vimeo Channel vimeo.com/aurorahunter.

“Open Heart” is at 5:30

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Benefits of Nutritional Yeast that Go Beyond B-Vitamins – Selenium!

I’ve been pushing this since the mid-’80s. GREAT source of SELENIUM (skin elasticity, detox, etc.) and many other key nutrients.

The king is KAL *Imported* Nutritional Yeast; though, it’s more expensive, and the deep yellow colored (fortified) ones work too.

Coconut cream seems to also be high in selenium.

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Chuck Girard: ‘Sometimes Alleluia’

Glorious, anointed, resting-in-God song from 1975 that I was blessed to experience as a young Christian! Christian music was awesome then, and will again be someday, when ‘ONE’ happens “that the world will know” (Jesus’ prayer in John 17)!

I was able to see Chuck a few years later, while attending the University of Minnesota — just him and a piano in the student union.

“Unmistakable background from Annie, Nell and Matthew.”

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2019 Record Warm Year for Anchorage, Alaska – 5 warmest years occurred in last 6 years

I remember the cold ’81-82 winter well, working the planes outside at Anchorage International in a string of below -20°F nights. One night was -33°F. But the previous winter, my first in Alaska, had a melting spell, like ours yesterday, but longer.

Anchorage’s winter temps are much warmer than interior Alaska’s because of the ocean’s warming affect.

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – 2019 will enter the books as the warmest year on record for Anchorage. The average temperature for the year is 42.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The previous “warmest year” was 2016 with an average temperature of 41.9F. In fact, the five warmest years for Anchorage have occurred in the past six years. The records for Anchorage go back to 1954. …

Anchorage had a record year overall, breaking the all-time record high on July 4 by hitting 90 degrees. The previous record had been 85 degrees set on June 14, 1969. Continue reading “2019 Record Warm Year for Anchorage, Alaska – 5 warmest years occurred in last 6 years”

Lincoln Brewster with KTIS (my home town)

I grew up in Minneapolis, where KTIS was the Christian station; though, I didn’t listen much (not spiritually alive). Here, Brewster talks about touring with Steve Perry (lead singer of Journey), ’94-’95, and why he quit.

[Tithing isn’t biblical according to the New Testament. Now we’re supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the old covenant law.]

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Coffee Tips & Our Local Anchorage Costco

Currently, I’m blending 75% Colombian (medium roast) with 25% French roast (dark), which Costco has locally roasted at Steam Dot in Anchorage. I ran out of a wonderful African roast that I also added. Costco got rid of their roaster, and thus all of their specialty coffees. Steam Dot bought their giant roaster, but continues only three of their blends. Colombian is very good. None are organic.

I store them in the freezer, most often vacuum packing them first in jars.

Instead of cream, I add generous amounts of coconut cream that I get from a local Asian market.

Ground nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice from Frontier Coop (available locally at Natural Pantry) tops it off.

We live 2.5 miles from what I’ve been told is their 2nd most profitable Costco store. They bought Toys-R-Us next door, and are planning on joining the two buildings with an enclosed walkway, which would make it the largest Costco in the world, I am told. One manager still has to approve the project. They’re already using Toys-R-Us in other ways.

Some interesting ideas in this short video:

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Dr. Berg: The 7 Benefits of a Cold Shower

I’ve been taking cold showers for about a year, and sometimes baths, after discovering Wim Hof. Our tap water temperature in Anchorage, Alaska is ideal:

  • Winter: 41º Fahrenheit (5º Celsius)
  • Summer: 46º Fahrenheit (8º Celsius)

Dr. Berg recommends 20 minutes, but that’s probably for water that’s not as cold. Wim Hof says at least 3 minutes.

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(music video) David Lanz & Paul Speer: ‘Natural States’ — One of my favorite albums of all time! Every song takes us somewhere special!

I wrote a sincere thanks to Paul Speer on his Facebook page:

One of my favorite albums of all time. Thank you, Paul Speer! You and David Lanz did something very special here. The entire album is awesome!

Also, I have the Natural States VHS video that I absolutely loved, and was hoping for it to come out as a DVD. Paul Speer writes back regarding the quality of the video currently:

All were shot on 16mm film so they pale compared to hi def today. The first videos I uploaded were 11 years ago and youtube had restrictions on file size so the quality isn’t very good on those.

NS and DV were released on DVD but again, because of the source material, the quality isn’t so good. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened to the original film or first transfer to video otherwise it would be possible to create a much better version in hi def.

Paul says everything was filmed in Washington state except for the second video, filmed on the California coast. I asked Paul how he and David created this masterpiece.

We’ve been interviewed many times about the project. The visuals were shot first by Jan C. Nickman and he did a rough cut of each piece that we started to compose to. Once we had the song structures, Jan would update the visuals so they were tighter with the music. After we finished recording, Jan did the final edits to blend seamlessly with the music. It was a time consuming back and forth process but well worth it, IMO. Of course, as we worked we had no idea if it would be a hit or a dud. We just did the best we could with what was available.

• • •

This first video should cycle through the entire playlist automatically.

Otherwise, the rest of the videos are below this one.

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The Keith Green Story: Your Love Broke Through (1 hour)

Keith Green had a big impact on my life. He was only four years older than me, and actually became a Christian about the same time I did, ’74-75. He died at only age-28. It’s absolutely incredible what he, his wife Melody and their friends were able to in just seven or eight years! Melody says in the film they were in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Praise God they were able to attend Ken Gulliksen’s rich, Holy Spirit anointed meetings right away, which was the start of the Vineyard movement. I didn’t find a church I could relate to until 1981, when I moved to Alaska and found Abbott Loop.

I listened to all of Keith’s music, and still have all of their “Last Days Ministries Newsletter” issues.

His legacy was so big, the vision and momentum, that something was seriously lost when he died in 1982. Christianity moved forward for awhile, but then floundered. The Vineyard movement fizzled out in about 1991. [Our church was autocratic, and the founder never did fully repent or reconcile. Anyone who said something was considered anathema. We were like the church of Sardis in Rev. 3:1-6, having a “‘reputation’ for being alive, but….”]

Keith wouldn’t have put up with the world taking over the church like it has. Hardly anyone today seems to have his passion for doing whatever God wants no matter what — “no compromise.”

This story is wonderfully told by Melody, their friends, and the great people who once were Sparrow records, which was later bought out by a secular label. Christian music was wonderful in the ’70s and ’80s! It’s so spiritually dead now. Keith would have never put up with that, and he ended up giving his music away for donations of any amount. He wanted to make sure the world didn’t compromise him through the love of money, and fame too.

I wonder what the world would be like now had Keith not died so early. He showed the impact that one sold-out man for Christ with great friends can do.

Today’s ‘Christian’ radio stations in America like K-LOVE won’t even play even one of his songs. That’s how sad and pathetic ‘Christian’ music has become — deadsville. This needs to radically change. Instead of “no compromise,” their message is “go to sleep;” “Jesus loves you no matter how much you willfully sin and don’t repent or reconcile.” That’s ‘Christian’ music today, and what is preached from most pulpits today too. Churches have almost no holiness, no presence of God, no passion. We have fake churches right now almost everywhere. Keith Green would freak! Imagine how Jesus feels right now with almost everybody doing their own thing, and acting like it’s okay.

Quite a story here! We need to get serious. We need to live no compromised — which is just normal Christianity, the way it’s always supposed to be.


This film was apparently released in 2002. This version is the best quality I could find online, and ends at 1:02:25, where it repeats part of it again, strangely. So it really is only an hour long.

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Giant flock of geese getting ready to migrate south flew over my head in surround sound!

A magnificent flock of about 150 geese just flew over our yard, just above tree level. I heard them coming, talking to one another and maybe us, so I got in position to see the amazing spectacle as they approached, completely surrounding me with clusters of less than 20, flowing together in one large group, led by one? Or do the leaders take turns? I wonder if their software has been updated lately so they can make the long journey south soon, without a glitch. It snowed yesterday, with white now becoming leaves and green grass again. Continue reading “Giant flock of geese getting ready to migrate south flew over my head in surround sound!”

Trump rips into social media for censoring conservatives – while doing nothing to others

Trump tweeted:

Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others…….

…..Censorship is a very dangerous thing & absolutely impossible to police. If you are weeding out Fake News, there is nothing so Fake as CNN & MSNBC, & yet I do not ask that their sick behavior be removed. I get used to it and watch with a grain of salt, or don’t watch at all..

….Too many voices are being destroyed, some good & some bad, and that cannot be allowed to happen. Who is making the choices, because I can already tell you that too many mistakes are being made. Let everybody participate, good & bad, and we will all just have to figure it out!

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