Photo Link: Day Dreaming – Rodney Lough Jr.

Thankfully, I was able to visit Rodney Lough Jr.’s three galleries before they all closed. What a glorious experience! How he captured God’s nature is breathtaking! I have found it so sad that people’s interest in nature photography has waned, which is why I parked my camera gear.

Now it’s completely apparent that something debilitating has happened to the soul of Americans. Instead of glorifying and trusting in God, worshiping the Creator, many are now gripped by fear and trust in Big Pharma and Big Government, willing to throw our freedoms away.

At minute-3:40, Rodney explains persistence, how he got this shot linked above. He went to this location every morning for 3 months except during rain or snow, and got this beautiful shot with his 8×10 camera.

Just Another Emotional Video

Jan 18, 2022