One of the greatest songs ever critiqued! “Love, Reign o’er Me,” The Who!

I wrote this about Pete:

“Rethinking Matthew 24: “..then the end will come” — after the Pete Townshends “know?” — Millions, if not billions of people, right now, are not compelled to become Christians because of the bitter taste that professing Christians are leaving in their stomachs. People have a right to see the real thing!

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Kenai Eagle Cam: Denali’s Accidental & Intentional Fledge

I followed this Kenai, Alaska webcam all summer, from before the eggs were hatched to this and beyond. Fascinating experience.

– –

Congratulations to Denali on her accidental then intentional fledge at 80 days/11.42 weeks of age. This footage captures Denali’s early morning branching, wingercising leading up to her fall or accidental fledge at 643 am and her intentional fledge at 1012 am. This footage is recorded in actual time and again in slow motion. Please note there is no sound at this nest; the sounds you hear are recorded from the NCTC Bald Eagle nest.

This has been a wonderful day for Denali, Mom Aurora and the Kenai family; a terrific outcome despite the sad losses and challenges that Aurora and Denali faced thorough out this season. Wishing Denali safe travels, fair weather and food aplenty in her journey to independence. Safe travels lil one … i hope Denali will bless us with frequent visits over the next few weeks before she leaves to start her adventures away from the comfort of Mom and her familiar homeland.

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(vid) Motion Guest Hike: Glacier National Park, MT

One of my favorite “Motion” episodes, featuring father-daughter guest hikers, Kevin and Sara Durbin with host Greg Aiello, who are also in an episode of Jeff Aiello’s newer series, “Outside: Beyond the Lens,” “East Side Colors” episode, that airs on PBS. Jeff filmed the “Motion” series. I watched “Motion” on the “Outside TV” channel.

Kevin and Sara demonstrate in both shows they have such an appreciative attitude that is so rare these days.

Glacier National Park is one of my favorite places on earth, having visited and hiked there three early periods in my life: grade school, high school and college.

March 28, 2016 

Sara, Greg and Kevin


Motion Guest Hike: Glacier National Park, MT

Greg explores Glacier National Park in Montana with a father and daughter from California new to backpacking. The Motion crew leads a tough hike to the historic Sperry Chalet in the remote back country of the park.

Posted by Motion on Þriðjudagur, 13. september 2011

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Second eaglet emerging from its egg — Kenai Eagle Cam

The second eaglet was born on June 2nd. This screenshot is from about 6 AM. Both eggs have now hatched!

The eaglet in front of the mother was born a few days ago. The other is still partially in its egg.

The other parent had been laying on these two, when this parent flew in (I don’t know which are mom and dad). When the other got up, and flew off, we see the new baby! This parent is seeing this new one for what appears to be the first time, from what I could tell by scrolling through the video, which has 12 hours to scroll through!


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Alaskan Todd Salat’s “Joy of Nature” Aurora Video Featuring “Open Heart!”

Nothing demonstrates the glory of God to me in nature more than the wondrous northern lights dancing overhead, filling the entire sky!

Walking through the Redwoods is my #2 most awesome. And the flight over the 50-mile-long Ruth glacier in front of Denali is #3.

I’ve actually had some AMAZING supernatural experiences in the presence of God that top these natural experiences, including when the angels sung during the Rodney Howard-Browne meetings in Anchorage, 1993.

The coming spiritual revival will be AWESOME!

I do like this “Open Heart” image a lot!

– –

Here’s a short video of the best northern lights I saw on my 18-night springtime Aurora Hunt to the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska in early April, 2020. Hope you can feel the real-time JOY, and please feel free to share!

For those who enjoy more resolution, I have a 1080p HD version on my YouTube Channel, and a 4K on my Vimeo Channel

“Open Heart” is at 5:30

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Alaska Olympic Medalist Kikkan Randall’s Alaska Club Covid-19 Workout — Taking us through the events from her living room!

AMAZING! Kikkan Randall, Alaska olympic medalist takes us through different winter olympic events in this Alaska Club, online workout!

Really fun!

I accidentally photographed Kikkan while she was doing a jog with friends at a seldom used airstrip a few years ago in Anchorage.

She now lives in Canada, but her heart still seems to be in Alaska.


Drifting Through The Night | Startrails Timelapse 4K


I am excited to share my new collection of night sky, startrail timelapses. These trails were created by blending hundreds of long exposure images for each individual timelapse. The intro sequences are a blend of startrail timelapses mixed with regular night sky timelapses to create a singular shooting star effect. This was a super fun passion project to work on over the years, I have a few more time-blended videos to share in the near future!

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Wonders LIVE (The Incredible Human Ear – Prof. Andy McIntosh)

4:00 Eyes: how essential and amazingly complex tears are!

8:00 Ears! How amazingly complex ears are!

Ear hairs are 72 times finer than regular hairs. They’re also like springs. When they snap from very loud sounds is when people lose their hearing.

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(vid) Debussy “Clair de Lune” on Piano for 80 Year Old Elephant

Debussy “Clair de Lune” for a gentle female elephant called Ampan.  Ampan is 80 years old and lives with us as Elephants World in Thailand.  She is blind in one eye and can barely see with the other.  80 years old is very old indeed for an elephant, it’s about 10 years past the natural life span of an elephant in the wild.

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DEPARTURES | Opening Title Sequence

It took me awhile to come to understand these guys, but now that I have, I’m really enjoying this series, broadcast on the Outside TV channel currently.

Departures is an award-winning and inspiring 42 x 1 hour television travel series. From epic landscapes and unforgettable culture, to the often trying times that come with international travel, Departures chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall travellers Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach on their journey. Departures is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

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(music video) David Lanz & Paul Speer: ‘Natural States’ — One of my favorite albums of all time! Every song takes us somewhere special!

I wrote a sincere thanks to Paul Speer on his Facebook page:

One of my favorite albums of all time. Thank you, Paul Speer! You and David Lanz did something very special here. The entire album is awesome!

Also, I have the Natural States VHS video that I absolutely loved, and was hoping for it to come out as a DVD. Paul Speer writes back regarding the quality of the video currently:

All were shot on 16mm film so they pale compared to hi def today. The first videos I uploaded were 11 years ago and youtube had restrictions on file size so the quality isn’t very good on those.

NS and DV were released on DVD but again, because of the source material, the quality isn’t so good. Unfortunately, we don’t know what happened to the original film or first transfer to video otherwise it would be possible to create a much better version in hi def.

Paul says everything was filmed in Washington state except for the second video, filmed on the California coast. I asked Paul how he and David created this masterpiece.

We’ve been interviewed many times about the project. The visuals were shot first by Jan C. Nickman and he did a rough cut of each piece that we started to compose to. Once we had the song structures, Jan would update the visuals so they were tighter with the music. After we finished recording, Jan did the final edits to blend seamlessly with the music. It was a time consuming back and forth process but well worth it, IMO. Of course, as we worked we had no idea if it would be a hit or a dud. We just did the best we could with what was available.

• • •

This first video should cycle through the entire playlist automatically.

Otherwise, the rest of the videos are below this one.

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Giant flock of geese getting ready to migrate south flew over my head in surround sound!

A magnificent flock of about 150 geese just flew over our yard, just above tree level. I heard them coming, talking to one another and maybe us, so I got in position to see the amazing spectacle as they approached, completely surrounding me with clusters of less than 20, flowing together in one large group, led by one? Or do the leaders take turns? I wonder if their software has been updated lately so they can make the long journey south soon, without a glitch. It snowed yesterday, with white now becoming leaves and green grass again. Continue reading “Giant flock of geese getting ready to migrate south flew over my head in surround sound!”