(vid) Civilization – Cityscape Timelapse Hyperlapse 4K — ‘My favorite cityscape timelapses’ in 5 minutes – Michael Shainblum

City timelapses and hyperlapses from around the world. This is a collection of my favorite cityscape timelapses from over the years. The video is a mix of static shots, motion controlled timelapses and manual hyperlapse shots. I really hope you all enjoy the video and thanks so much for watching!

Places featured in the video:

Dubai UAE

New York City, New York

Los Angeles, California

San Francisco, California

Doha, Qatar


Shanghai, China

Hong Kong,

Venice, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Seattle, Washington

and a castle in Scotland.

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AlaskaMan’s oldest finisher, Brown bear attack survivor, Bob Eder tells his 2018 Alaskaman story

It was six years ago today I got whacked by that bear and, really, changing my life forever. Yesterday, as validation that the incident is not going to change what I’ve always done, I participated and completed the most epic endurance event I’ve ever attempted in my life: the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. A 2.6 mile ocean swim in 55 deg water followed by a 113 mile bike ride climbing 4,200, and ending with a 27.5 mile run and mountain hike event climbing another 6,000’ , up and down Alyeska twice! It’s billed as the hardest single day endurance event in America, which I can now personally attest to. Add in a chilling heavy morning fog you could barely see in front of you and close to the hottest day of the year, only added to the challenge.

Entire Story

PHOTO: This is the Milky Way Photographed in a Crystal Ball

• More than 200 BILLION STARS in our Milky Way galaxy!
• More than 200 BILLIONS GALAXIES in the universe.
• Our sun is an average sized star.

Number of ‘suns’ in the universe: 200 billion X 200 billion!

Some theorize the universe may be infinite, because every time we upgrade the Hubble telescope we see more galaxies behind the known universe.

– –

“I went up to Paranal Observatory for an observing shift, and I decided to test the crystal ball as an astrophotography lens,”….


Discipline, Mummy Bear-style: Cub given roar of disapproval…. before finally getting a hug

Remarkable demonstration of DISCIPLINE that ENDS WITH A HUG:

First, the mother glares angrily at her son as he stands a few feet away looking guilty and sheepish.

Within seconds he is backed into a corner with a terrified expression as she roars her disapproval.

Shortly afterwards he finds himself airborne after she seizes him by the scruff of the neck and propels him from side to side.

However, the fierce encounter at Simferopol Zoo in the Ukraine comes to a peaceful conclusion when Mummy, who weighs the best part of 550 lb, gently hugs him to her chest to reassure him that all is forgiven.


(vid) Distant Shores: Transatlantic on a Catamaran Part 3

From: Distant Shores

New post! The 3rd and final episode of our video series, “Sailing Transatlantic on a Catamaran”.

In this video, we take you aboard the Bluewater 50 catamaran, Zao, on the final week of our 3,000-mile transatlantic crossing sailing from the Canary Islands to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. The crew starts having fun fishing, Paul does a boat review, Alexandra bakes more amazing desserts and we monohullers perfect downwind sailing on a cat.

Just days before landfall in St. Lucia, we learn that there has been a man-overboard on a boat sailing ahead of us and we start a watch for him and his now deserted boat.

Follow this series to see what crossing an ocean aboard a catamaran is really like.

• • •

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