Someone from the city tried to rescue Spurr, but found Spurr didn’t survive the 40 foot fall.

I’ve been watching the City of Kenai Eagle Cam every day since before the hatches. This was SO SAD to see happen. The father hasn’t been seen in weeks. Aurora, the mother is doing a good job raising Denali, who is starting to grow feathers and was even eating salmon on his/her own.

6/22/2020. KENAI Eagle Cam ~ 14:49 pm, Spurr Slips Off The Nest !

As Spurr tries to move up , the nesting material gives away and Spurr goes off the side of the nest.Poor Aurora Doesn’t know what to do. The City of Kenai has been contacted.
UpDate .. 7:37 PM
Paul Ostrander ​”We have found Spurr. Unfortunately, he did not survive the fall. Although this is a wild nest and we strive to minimize interference, Fish and Wildlife did suggest that we could have placed Spurr ​back in the nest and we would have done so if given the opportunity. All of us here at the City of Kenai are saddened but also know that things are never predictable in the wild.”… RIP Little One . 😭

Loss of Spurr @ Kenai 6 22 2020 8 19 04 PM

Jun 22, 2020

2nd hatchling, Spurr, falls from the nest and doesn’t survive the fall. RIP Spurr