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Electric Car Deaths: Why Is No One Talking About This? – EVs as Rolling Tanks, Silent Danger: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety, Fire, etc.

6️⃣ 00:30 | Fire Hazards: The Lithium-Ion Battery Menace.
5️⃣ 01:37 | Emergency Response Complications.
4️⃣ 02:54 | The Weight Problem: EVs as Rolling Tanks.
3️⃣ 04:19 | Flawed Safety Features.
2️⃣ 05:27 | Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).
1️⃣ 06:35 | Silent Danger: Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety.

My Theory on Divorce and ‘Marriage’: It’s Time to Get Out of UNBIBLICAL ‘Marriages’ — "God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers." We must all be clean!

NOTE: I Posted this in early January (2010) as a theory, simply titled: My Theory On Divorce, which is radically different to what is taught and practiced by many ‘Christians,’ today, but this is something I’ve believed for many years.

Also, I wrote these two articles to clarify further:

Clarifying My Perspective on Divorce and Marriage: The Role of the Holy Spirit

Divorce and ‘Marriage,’ Part 3: The Anointing — “Tell them about Pastor E.”

What the Early Christians Believed About Divorce and Remarriage — Christ is not going to take a bride that is unfaithful to what He taught – David Bercot


My Theory on Divorce and ‘Marriage’: It’s Time to Get Out of UNBIBLICAL ‘Marriages’ — “God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers.” We must all be clean!

Clarifying My Perspective on Divorce and Marriage: The Role of the Holy Spirit

Divorce and ‘Marriage,’ Part 3: The Anointing — “Tell them about Pastor E.”

– –

1:08:00 “… That simply is not acceptable before God. He is not going to take a bride for Christ that is unfaithful to what Christ has taught.” – David Berkot

A century ago, it was extremely rare for a non-Christian—let alone a Christian—to obtain a divorce. Today, so-called Bible-believing Christians divorce one another just as frequently as does the world. The reason is that the Church has abandoned Christ’s teaching on divorce and remarriage.

In this message, Bercot looks at the New Testament teachings on divorce and explains how those passages were applied by the early Christians.

A Secret to Anti-aging: Choline

Copper, selenium and sulfur (MSM) are also key!

Candace: My husband is the rational side of my brain | Science & tech has replaced God

“As I’m starting to learn things, obviously, the first person I always talk to is my husband, and I feel like he’s the more rational side of my brain.”

“..they are thee most faithful to the church of science. They are thee most faithful to the church of Satan.”

Altra Lone Peak 8 – Good For HIKING Again?

0:33 Toe box is wider again (6= 44.6mm, 7= 42.5mm, 8= 44.2mm) and other improvements!


Altra Lone Peak 7 Review – 50 Miles In and Moving On

Topo Athletic Pursuit – 200 Mile HIKING Review (4mm wider than the too narrow LP 7, more durable, 3mm higher stack)

Feb 23, 2024

36 Hours in Redwood National Park: Exploring the Best Hikes, Groves and Trees

Top 10 Costco Deals For June

Top 10 Things To Do In Redwood National Park

1:14 Tall Trees Grove
2:20 Lady Bird Johnson Grove
3:22 Fern Canyon
4:24 Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
5:28 Howland Hill Road
6:37 Gold Bluffs Beach
7:44 Redwood Creek Overlook
8:40 Klamath River Overlook
9:45 Coastal Drive
10:57 Coastal Trail

Real CO2 Carbon Capture Storage Plant

CO2 doesn’t even cause global warming in the first place!

Carbon capture and demonizing oil is a scam!

Michael Brown: Questions About “NAR,” the Holy Spirit and Revival

PROGRESS: Michael here calls himself “Michael Brown” instead of “Dr. Michael Brown,” what Jesus said not to do (Mt. 23:1-12). Michael has been a serial offender and a bad example. “Knowledge puffs up….”

NO PROGRESS & DISINFO: Michael can’t explain why God isn’t moving powerfully in our churches today, which to me, has been obvious for decades — lack of holiness. Still, no one teaches this verse, which should be our norm , that when we’re ONE with each other in Christ “the world will know,” Jesus’ promise in John 17. Paul: “..I also practice *ALWAYS* having a CONSCIENCE VOID OF OFFENSE toward God and MEN” (Acts 24:16).

Many are calling churches “NAR,” when they are not. Michael explains.

Difference between getting the Holy Spirit during conversion and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Apostles still exist in this way.

The “kundalini spirit” nonsense.

By the way, I can’t leave comments under Michael’s videos, because he blocked me years ago; though, I was carefully sharing biblical truth. He’s been a serial blocker too, sadly. That’s how gatekeepers operate.

Amazon censors negative, truthful comments about products!

Ever wonder why a product on Amazon says it has 10 comments, for example, but they’re all missing? I’ve seen this multiple times.

They’re deleting comments that tell serious problems!!

The Most NUTRIENT DENSE Foods You Can Eat

Good one!

Paul and I are showing you budget friendly foods that are not only nutrient dense, but will satiate your hunger. Make sure to subscribe to Paul’s Channel:    / @paulsaladinomd  

Speed of Science

Of course, all scientists agree…

1909 / The Scofield Bible Turned Christians into Zionists


God’s words to Abraham in Gen. 12:3, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” does NOT refer to the modern, Talmudic state of Israel

(video) Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy — The ‘Angry’ Evangelicals – Praying for War instead of “Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God” – Jesus

You are not immune to propaganda

Skousen: WW III Timing & Trigger — China won’t be able to help Russia occupy the US until 2027, following EMP/nukes. Taiwan may be the trigger event

From: Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief, June 7, 2024 — “Is Nuclear War Imminent over US/NATO Weapons to Ukraine?”

As I’ve explained many times before, Putin can’t nuke the West when he is in no position to consolidate that military destruction with occupation. He just doesn’t have the conventional military capacity or troops to do so. That is why he has to wait for China, and China won’t be ready until at least 2027. That doesn’t mean that the war will come in that year, only that China will probably be ready to exercise its aggressive plans to conquer. There will still need to be a trigger event, which may well be the invasion of Taiwan.

“In a world of propaganda, THE TRUTH is always a conspiracy”

“In a world of propaganda, the truth is always a conspiracy.”

Steven Ben-Nun: MANY PALESTINIANS ARE JEWS — descendants of the TRUE JEWS of the Roman occupation back in 70 A.D.


Many Palestinians are descendants of Judaics who converted to Islam after the Muslims invaded – Scott Horton

Most Israelis aren’t true, ethnic, Semitic Jews:

DNA Study: Ashkenazi ‘Jews’ Not Semitic, but Turkish Origin

– –

18:30 “And sadly enough, many of these Palestinians are crypto-Jews from descendants of the true Jews of the Roman occupation back in 70 A.D., when the temple was destroyed.” – Steven Ben-Nun

Incredible moment hero-dog saves another dog stranded on a surfboard

Costco Cheese Shopping – What To Buy & Avoid

Energetic Golfer Gary Player at Age-88: Secret to Great Health! — Undereat, exercise, cold plunges

Undereat, exercise, cold plunges

1, 1.5 or 2 meals per day. Dinner is the worst, to then sleep on a full stomach.

Situps, pushups, all out on the treadmill, pressing 350 pounds with legs!

‘Atheism’: The belief that there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing. Then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything. Then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits, which then turned into dinosaurs

‘Atheism’: The belief that there was nothing, and nothing happened to nothing. Then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything. Then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason whatsoever into self-replicating bits, which then turned into dinosaurs.

Makes perfect sense.

Joe Rogan Experience #2138 – Tucker Carlson — ‘DON’T LIE about anything’ would solve everything! | ADMITTING you’re wrong is LIBERATING! | People who want to nuke people are ‘EVIL!’ | WEAK people are easily controlled by evil

Quotes by Tucker unless noted, transcribed by me:

“It’s wrong to drop nuclear weapons on people. If you find yourself arguing that it’s a good thing to drop nuclear weapons on people, you’re evil.”

“There is no evidence at all, none, zero that people evolved seamlessly from a single cell ameba. … There’s no chain of that in the fossil record at all. … The theory of adaptation [within species] is clearly, obviously true.”

ROGAN: “What is your theory?”

“GOD CREATED PEOPLE distinctly, and animals.”

“Maybe a simpler and more useful way to think about it is: truth or falsehood, lying or honesty. … You can’t participate in lying. You can’t lie. PERIOD! Just don’t lie about anything. Tell the truth all the time. If you can’t say something that’s true just don’t say it. You don’t have to say everything you think. You shouldn’t say everything you think. But you should never lie. If you just stick with that you get pretty quickly back to reason and order.”

“There’s nothing more liberating than admitting you were wrong. That is the moment of liberation. ..honestly admitting to other people, not just to yourself that ‘I got that wrong.’ Then you’re FREE! Because then you don’t have to hide it anymore.”

Evil forces act on people, getting them to do evil things they wouldn’t otherwise do.
Good forces can act on people, compelling them to do good things they wouldn’t otherwise do.

“Evil is an independent force that exists outside of people that acts on people. I really believe that. I’ve experienced it a lot. And what vessel do they choose? The weak. … The weaker the leader, the more evil that leader will be. We’ve reached a time in history where every leader is either a weak woman or a weak man, pretty much.

Starts at 1:01:03


The Best Cheese To Buy At The Grocery Store…And What To Avoid!

Same baby, different location!

‘Same baby, different location!

The baby on the left is JUST AS VALUABLE as the baby on the right!’

Derek Prince Spiritual or Soulish Worship — Soulish ‘Christians’ cannot discern the difference, are easily deceived

Derek Prince Spiritual or Soulish Worship in the church today. Derek Prince sermon states that one of the essential things for spiritual success is to be able to discern between the soulish and the spiritual. Derek Prince believes the church in modern times cannot discern the difference. Soulish worship appeals to the emotions, and its sounds very good, and it will stir you up emotionally but it doesn’t do within you you what needs to be done. So soulish Christians are very easily deceived. Derek Prince has 50 years worth of ministry experience and know what it looks like to put on an act. It will get people crying, giving and excited but it doesn’t really change people. This is the difference between spiritual and soulish Christianity.

– –

My comment:

Totally true! Many “churches” today even crank the music to almost rock concert levels so people think something significant is happening; though, it’s all flesh, NOT the Holy Spirit. And most can’t tell that the service is spiritually dead, including pastors.

Many of the worship leaders are more interested in being seen than actually worshiping God. Most cannot worship in Spirit and in truth because they’re lust addicted, etc., walking in the flesh instead of in the Spirit.

Those who can see, who have the gift of discernment of spirits, if they tell what’s really going on, pastors reprimand them, and never apologize so they’re right with God and men, like Paul always made sure he was (Acts 24:16). They’re in BIG trouble with God!

It’s a show.

Not even one church in the US has a reputation for being alive today, let alone is alive. We’re not even at church-of-Sardis level!:

Rev. 3:1 “And to the angel of the assembly in Sardis write: He who has the seven Spirits of God, and the seven stars says these things: “I know your works, that you have a REPUTATION OF BEING ALIVE, BUT YOU ARE DEAD. 2 Wake up, and keep the things that remain, which you were about to throw away, for I have found no works of yours perfected before…God. 3 Remember therefore how you have received and heard. Keep it, and repent. If therefore you won’t watch, I will come as a thief, and you won’t know what hour I will come upon you. 4 Nevertheless you have A FEW names in Sardis THAT DID NOT DEFILE their garments. They will walk with me in white, for THEY ARE WORTHY. 5 HE WHO *OVERCOMES* will be arrayed in white garments, and I will in no way BLOT HIS NAME OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE, and I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

Thanks for posting!


Michael Brown Vs Corey Minor on Speaking in Tongues

NOTE: I definitely do not support all of Michael Brown’s views and practices. Michael supports the anti-Christ, NWO, Talmudic system that’s taking us down, while having admitted that Jesus strongly rebuked the Pharisees, who were Talmudists.

Most of what he says here is good, but his idea that the apostles were speaking in Armenian in Acts 2 and not in tongues is bizarre.

Biblically speaking, tongues are mainly people’s personal prayer language in which the Holy Spirit speaks through people mysteries that “no one understands,” which builds up the speaker.

The most popular, current false teaching says it can only be an Acts-2 experience in which foreigners understand, which the rest of the texts clearly refute.

Michael Brown mentions the blessing with the spirit aspect (verses 16 and 17).

I would add that I believe a main reason that Christians are built up when praying in tongues is because tongues is often perfectly praying against evil spirits, perhaps to angels in their language, who then deal with the demons. And this may be why Paul says tongues are praying in the language of men and angels in 1 Cor. 13:1. Praying in the Spirit can set us and others FREE!

Nice ending:

Brown: “Can we both agree and say ‘Father, we want everything that You have for us in the fullness of the Spirit to glorify Jesus and nothing that’s not from You. … I pray that for you. You pray that for me. Fair enough?”

Minor: “Fair enough.”

Flat Earth Eclipse Photo

All of my “Flat Earth Deception Busted” posts at ToBeFree

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