Bob’s Posture Tip: “Sternum to the wall, shoulders go back, arch the back slightly”

“I tell my patients: “get your sternum to the wall, shoulders go back, arch the back slightly, and you’re there.” – Brad Heineck, physical therapist in 90 Second Neck Drill That Will Change Your Life! Bob & Brad Concur! Continue reading “Bob’s Posture Tip: “Sternum to the wall, shoulders go back, arch the back slightly””

Do You Make Decisions from Your Head or Your Heart? – Logic & Facts Vs Emotions

The heart is more than a pump, containing brain-like cells. Many emotions and decisions come from the heart, not the brain. So NEVER get a heart transplant!

It’s pretty easy to tell which type I am. How about you?

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Head-locators are categorized differently than heart-locators. Head-locators make decisions based on logic and facts whereas heart-locators make decisions based on their emotions. Do you think from your head or your heart?


(video) Linkin Park Documentary – ‘Hybrid Theory’ through ‘Living Things’

Linkin Park Documentary – (Hybrid Theory through Living Things)

Published on Aug 8, 2013

RIP Chester…Linkin Park has been my favorite band since 6th grade when Hybrid Theory was the first album I’d ever purchased. In my final semester of college I decided to take an independent study course and produced this video as a tribute. The video discusses the band’s growth from their early years of “Hybrid Theory” through their most recent album “Living Things.” My inspiration came from the deep respect and appreciation I have for the band and their music. Their fearlessness to experiment and grow as musicians regardless of the consequences is a testament to their brilliance.