Video: Bear sprints past cargo planes inside Anchorage International Airport

I used to work a few hundred yards from here.

At the very end of this short video, UPS freighter tails can be seen. Our NW Airlines cargo facility, where we did all the transloads, used to be between UPS and the trees showing behind the tails.

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From: ADN, 7/28/18

Rest of the story and video HERE

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Video: Bear sprints past parked planes at Anchorage’s airport

At first, James Batman thought a black, furry dog had sprinted by him at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, near where FedEx parks its cargo planes.

“Then I looked back again and saw it had no tail….

The bear had gotten into the area by burrowing under a nearby fence, said Trudy Wassel, division operations manager at airport. Airport staff had since repaired the area.

Wassel said the airport has two, full-time wildlife biologists to handle wildlife issues.

“We take it very seriously,” she said.

The airport borders Point Woronzof and Kincaid Park, areas where it’s not uncommon to see black bears, said Ken Marsh, a spokesman at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Delta’s 747s, a vestige of Northwest’s heyday, will visit Minnesota for the final time

Sad. I worked many of these in Anchorage, especially the 747 freighters, which NWA retired in 2009. Hundreds of my 747 freighter photos are in my Cargo’s Last Stand category.

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From: Star & Tribune

Delta’s 747s, a vestige of Northwest’s heyday, will visit Minnesota for the final time

DECEMBER 16, 2017

For two generations, Northwest took Minnesotans around the world — and brought the world to Minnesota — on the 747. But Delta is the last U.S. airline that flies the planes, and now it is retiring the last four in its fleet. …

From the start, the plane awed. The 747 was about twice the height and length of any other plane then, and it still towers over most airplanes today. The second deck that extended from the cockpit back over the first third of the plane gave it a hump that made the 747 instantly recognizable and inspired a nickname, the Whale. … Continue reading “Delta’s 747s, a vestige of Northwest’s heyday, will visit Minnesota for the final time”

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