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My Alaska NOHATE ’95 Eagle Talon

Mom & Me at Larry Austin’s ‘Farewell Dan Fagan’ Party 12/2022

I just posted this on Facebook.

– –

Friend in real life, Larry Austin graciously hosted this Farewell to Dan Fagan party.

I’m in the VITAMIN D SHIRT (since I called into Dan’s show talking about D), and MOM is wearing my TRUTH MATTERS shirt. Larry bought us all pizza to compel people to come. How WONDERFUL!

Larry and I have stayed in touch since. I consider those of us in Anchorage to be extremely blessed to have a real-life peacemaker as an ambassador of God operating in his gift here.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.”

Thank you, Larry!

(photo) At Elizabeth & Olof Carmel’s studio during Wine Country workshop 2012

I was having a lot more fun than it appears here. This was an awesome experience!

In the fall of 2012, I attended Mountain Light’s Wine Country photography workshop in northern California, taught by Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill, with Olof Carmel sometimes helping — loved that!!!

Here Olof is sharing his wisdom in their upstairs studio. I’m on the right, checking the image I just took with my RX100 pocket camera.

Jerry posted this privately on his Facebook page on Dec. 2, 2012, saying:

We had a great visit to Elizabeth Carmel’s studio today for a demo on fine art printing.

2003 Mountain Paragliding

My first time solo paragliding off a mountain near Ashland, Oregon in 2003, under the expert guidance of Kevin Lee!

– –

Early Nikon digital compact

Fenske Family Portrait

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year,

Buddy Pat Jeff

Our Christmas card – happy, creative days! Mom estimates I was about age-5.

I barely remember that my mouth was red because I had just been to the dentist where they used red dye to help spot cavities.

My dad’s real name was Philip, but many called him Buddy.

The famous Jesus-knocking-on-the-door painting is overhead.

Rangefinder camera on self-timer with bulb flash

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Riding with Harvey

Harvey, my Irish Setter on my Triumph 750

He could ride for a few miles before tiring.

My father took this from in front of our house in Bloomington, Minnesota,
a few years before I moved out west — without Harvey 🙁

Late ’70s

Photo of a faded print

Photo Buddy!

William Wallace by my side, while Kelly sought small game — 4 years ago.

As William got older, he didn’t run as much, while Kelly would never stop investigating in his later years.

The intimate landscape I was trying to capture with the Canon is of two, red Columbine flowers and this little falls. The gentle wind was moving the Columbine just enough to thwart our effort. The telephoto lens magnifies any movement.

Grateful, I cherish this moment, together!!! How can a price tag be put on such a faithful companion?

I miss my boy.


Sony RX-100 Handheld

Kelly’s Last Day

“That’s my boy,” I used to tell him. He was really something! We had so many adventures together.

Mom took this photo just before we drove to the vet.

Story continues below…

3/3/17 1:41pm  – vet appointment was 2pm

Kelly’s hairdo was natural. I didn’t comb it that way.

Kelly loved to run, and collapsed the day before while running on the trail, just after passing me. After about a minute, he could stand, and then walk, but I knew this was probably the end, based upon a similar experience I had with my previous Gordon Setter, William Wallace. And while lying next to him later that night, the ugly sounds coming from his heart made it clear what to do.

[It’s amazing how hearts work extra hard to maintain enough oxygen, even after the valves are failing — a credit to our masterful Creator!]

After examining Kelly, the vet went in the back room to prepare the concoction, but Kelly’s heart completely gave out in front of Mom and me on its own.

So at least I never have to wonder that putting him to sleep was the right decision. But it was really hard to lose him at age-10.
I tell more of Kelly’s unique story here: Kelly – the boy nobody wanted.

Another image: (photo) Kelly – The Last Hug

(photo) Kelly – The Last Hug

The agony of my heart just before driving Kelly to the vet.

I was an only child, and have always been single. When I’ve been able to have dogs they’ve meant a lot to me!

Setters are my favorite, but Kelly was a special challenge — and reward!

I tell the story here:

Kelly’s Last Day

Kelly – the boy nobody wanted

3/3/17 1:33pm  – vet appointment was 2pm

Handheld self-portrait

My 8th-Grade Class Photo

Pilgrim Lutheran School, Minneapolis, Minnesota – 8th grade

Ron (3rd from right on top row) just sent me this on Facebook.

I’m in the middle with glasses.

Darrel Knippel was our 8th-grade teacher and the principal. Very fine teacher and fantastic school! I learned a lot!

• • •

Fluoride Free Alaska Group Photo 6-16-16

Fluoride Free Alaska met at Natural Pantry


I’m to the left of Mom (middle)


Dustin Darden on right

My Art showing in Anchorage

I just wrote this at ToBeFree and ONEcanhappen:

I’ve had to minimize time spent on my blogs lately, as I’ve been swamped and dumbfounded by massive, multiple (actual fact), mysterious technical difficulties, one of which still isn’t fully solved after 7 weeks. But I’m pressing through, and made a new print yesterday. Hopefully, soon it will be full speed ahead, being able to present my new work until January 31 in this beautiful coffee shop just blocks from where I live.

I’ve spent more time on the phone during these seven weeks, troubleshooting, than maybe in the last seven years — seriously.

Suzy Visits Alaska



Suzy, Mom and me


Forklift: Cesar & Jeff


12/31/12 Last Day


Taylor: Cesar & Jeff



Cesar & Me

: )



Taylor: Jeff



Yours Truly


10-second-delay-timer self-portrait with the Canon 5D Mark III

I thought I’d have some fun while I still had my ID

Last Time Clock?



Will this be my last time clock?

I had to take a self-portrait, punching out for the last time —
at least at this time clock.




Eleanor Preger took this of me at the Autumn in Wine Country workshop
with Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill.

It rained about 10 inches during 3 days of our 4-day workshop,
making it one of the worst storms in 30 years.

But there were still some lulls.

: )


“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 2

“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 3

“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 4

Autumn in Wine Country Workshop (Allyn’s portrait collection)

Autumn in Wine Country Workshop


* * *

Allyn shot and assembled these photos as a remembrance of our 4-day wine country workshop, taught by Elizabeth Carmel and Jerry Dodrill, 11/29-12/2.

It was a great time, and actually very productive despite the extreme weather.

Nice job, Allyn!

* * *


“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 2

“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 3

“Autumn In Wine Country” Workshop with Elizabeth Carmel & Jerry Dodrill – Day 4

Puddles (Eleanor’s photo of me during the workshop)

Waiting for the Sunset

… that never happened.


Group Photo: Jon, Leah, Debra & Michelle’s Last Day

UPDATED with Jon info

– –


From left to right (retirees & early-outers in bold):

Seated: Carson, Judy, Beth, Reta and Reiko
Middle: Debra is Behind Beth
Main back row: Pam, Steve, Don, Michelle (behind Debra), Leah, Jeff and Jon (featuring Zingo)
Way back there: Christi and Don

We wish you all well!

Jon sent me this pic during his journey down the Alcan with Zingo and his mom,
who snapped this photo.

Jon wrote:

“I love this pic.
Everybody is looking at the camera except Zingo looking at your food!  Lol”

And he said about customs:

“So far so good!  Canada Customs was very helpful and unpacked the truck and U Haul for us.  Unfortunately, we still had thousands of miles left to go, so Mom and I had to repack everything!  Lol  We have made it to Fort St. John and the roads have been good.  Still plan on going thru Banff.”

Going for the ONE!

That’s me…

June 2003

Myself launching off a mountain in Oregon
under Kevin’s excellent guidance

Makes me want to fly again

Shot with a lousy camera


November 2005

In front of a hollowed out Sequoia laying on its side

Sequoia National Park, California

While updating the image scanned from 35mm film
at About Jeff Fenske

I found the portrait of Mom, below

(photo) My Car: NOHATE — ‘Who Would Jesus Bomb?’ Edition

My ’95 Eagle Talon


Who Would Jesus Bomb?


Love your neighbor

Ron Paul For President ’08

Jesus Wept

If we don’t change directions
we’ll end up where we’re going

I’m for the Separation of
Church & Hate

God Bless All Nations

Perfect Love Casteth Out All Fear – 1 Jn 4 18

Additionally (what can’t be seen in the photo)



(Some may consider this new age,
but the Devil’s kingdom doesn’t work this way.

George Lucas understands:
Luke Skywalker only kept his power
if he didn’t hate!)

Love One Another!

Bless Them That Curse You – Luke 6 28

On the roof:

Hate Free Zone

Ron Paul

On the hood:


Class Reunion

Summer 2005 – St. Paul, Minnesota

Our 30-Year Class Reunion

24% of the Class of ’75 –
St. Croix Lutheran High School

I’m standing behind Pastor Staab on the left

Walking Towards the Light

8/16/11 – 7:46pm

Walking almost in Mom’s shadow
towards the Prospectors meeting
to see Tom’s photo presentation, below

Fisheye Fun – Olympus E-P3 —
though Mom isn’t that wide



Jitters Lookin’ Good!

My photos at Jitters Coffee House,
Eagle River, Alaska in all of March

More to come.

24 x 34 inch (print) “Eagle River Road” and 24 x 36 inch “Rise” —
16 x 24 inch “Alaska RR” and “Chiffon” —
with 24 x 36 inch “Midnight Canopy” overhead

Mom and Dennis (owner) in front of 24 x 36 inch “Midnight Canopy” and “Praise”

24 x 36 inch “Smile” (inside an Orchid) and “Glory!” (Lewisia flower close-up)

“Golden Eklutna” is hidden here behind “Smile”


“Glory!” – At Jitters

Rhydian Put Me Over the Edge


I thought, “Why not?”

(LX5 hand-held at right-arm’s length;
tough to not get some blur at 1/4 second)

Check out Rhydian:

All of My Rhydian Roberts posts


Power to the Peaceful!

Cornerman 3 — Colors


First Cornerman photo in new (old) building
to commemorate the first day wearing Delta uniforms.

Delta wouldn’t allow a union patch on Delta shirts,
so they only sent us pants
until a few days ago,
when the shirts arrived,
since we’re no longer union.

Most of us wore our NWA uniforms until this day,
of which most were gray.
My favorite black shirt was an earlier edition.


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