This extreme, Talmudic supremacist mockery, seeing others as dogs finally woke me up 15 years ago to what’s really going on in this version of “Israel.” Then I saw Ted Pike’s biblical analysis, showing how the true Judaics (most of these are not) are only entitled to return to the land when they’re obedient.

This is counterfeit, not condoned or brought about by God, but by the Rothschild globalist kingpins and extreme terrorism from the start.

We’ve all been told a whitewashed, false narrative that it’s the “holy land.” I felt no holiness at all when I visited twice 30 and 40 years ago. Study what the Talmud says about Christians, Jesus and all non-them. They call us the Goyim.

What’s wrong with the Israelis?

The Talmud.

And it appears that hardly any of them are true Judaics, which is why it’s illegal for Israelis to get their DNA tested, and to share the results if they do get a court order to do so.

This is how it manifests, and someday, we’ll be targeted and openly mocked after their ‘messiah’ comes, after which they believe they’ll rule the world, and will take out any who won’t take the mark.

Very serious!

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Max Blumenthal takes a searing look at the societal sickness that exploded into the open after October 7, as Israelis of all walks of life took to social media to mock the suffering and torture of Palestinians, and proudly broadcasted grotesque war crimes to the world.