Charlie Waite is one of the photographers who inspired me about shooting in different aspect ratios, which he doesn’t mention in this talk, but his images here have varied aspect ratios from square to pano!

I actually gave up on photography for a long season partly because no camera company would make a full frame camera with an oversized, multi-aspect ratio sensor; though, they could have easily done it. Everything had to be cropped from 3:2, which made extreme wide angle shots in other aspect ratios impossible, and made photography much less interesting for me. Much of the lenses’ image circle couldn’t be used. Creativity was stifled.

When I discovered the medium format, Fuji GFX 100S could be used with my smaller, full frame, SLR lenses in any aspect ratio, I got excited and reengaged : )

“Be visually agile. Keep alert 360°,” not just looking for landscapes. “Keep your eyes open. Always have that camera with you.” Not a cellphone, which big prints can’t be made from, as of 2021.

35:40 Photo an image for a friend, and give them a print, perhaps of their dog, an A3 (11.7 x 16.5).
“I photographed your dog the other day. I’d really like to give you a print.”

5 or 10 minutes after a rain with the sun out, colors are brilliant.

Was commissioned by Libya to do a photo shoot there just before the regime change. He loved it there.

He looks at his prints outside in daylight on a flat surface, never in bright sunshine, and live with it for 3-5 minutes.

He’s not great with Photoshop and post. Tries to get it right in camera. “Expect for it not to be easy. It should have hurdles that you have to overcome.

His favorite paper that he helped develop, which he uses for everything: Fotospeed Platinum Etching 285

Sep 19, 2021