I used to work inside 747-200F freighters that were built decades ago. I don’t see a lot of operational differences in this brand new model, and opening the aft cargo door sounds the same. Carpet covers much of the operational area of the floors for this open house, so most of the main deck rollers and locks are not shown. Our main deck ceilings weren’t finished like these are. The nose still opens for front loading.

Inside Boeing 747-8F one of longest cargo freighter

Aug 30, 2016


What’s inside an Airplane ? Lets go and have a look !

Brand new aircraft at Farnborough 2016 airshow Boeing 747 CargoLogicAir   Registration G-CLAB      

My best part of this airplane is the massive landing gear.

Also you can watch her departure from the show in 4K video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TSes…