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12:55 Jet blast surfing at St. Martin!

Sucked into a Jet engine?!

Dec 6, 2019

What are the dangers of Jet engined REALLY? In todays episode I will cover everything from why people run the risk of getting sucked into jet engines to the dangers of jet-blasts and flying fan-blades.

I hope you will all enjoy this episode and keep sending me your questions and suggestions.

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Article on Jet engine hazards and examples:…

Daglat/Boeing (Jet blast danger)

MrSoeberg (SU27 Jet blast incident)

Kai A. Hortmann (B747 blowing people at st Marteen)

What you haven’t seen (Jet blast moves catering carts) (Fighters tear up runway)

Dashcam44 (Man sucked int jet engine)

GuyRex1 (B737 jet engine sucking snow)

Learn engineering (How does a jet engine work?)

Globetrekker Aviation (Boeing 787 pushback)

Mentour Pilot (Starting the jet-engine)