One thought on “Taylor: ‘Riders’

  1. Hi, I’m interested in the Softie Muzzle. I have a Gordon Setter who likes to chew my car, and I can’t fully break him of this. And regular muzzles don’t allow panting very well.

    My main problem is sizing. My Gordon Setter has a thin face and fairly thin snout, and is only 33 pounds, full grown. This is him in the BACK, BEHIND my other Gordon, who doesn’t chew and is 53 pounds:

    How can I size this product, and from whom do you suggest I get one online. I’ve never seen this in stores.

    Thank you!
    you did not leave a return email but the size you would use is a large softy dog muzzle
    if he is mild aggressive
    if very agressive to rip muzzle use a tuffy -size large progusrd dog muzzle
    i believe that should do the trick

    good luck

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