It is a good idea, but cost-benefit isn’t there yet.

Use WIND to spin the aircraft wheels before landing?!

Nov 29, 2019

Mentour Pilot

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Why, oh WHY havent someone fitted little turbine blades on the hubcaps or aircraft tires to let the wind spin the wheels up before landing?!

In todays episode I will follow up on my previous video on the subject, just with more emphasis on YOUR questions and hopefully explain why we don’t see these contraptions anywhere in the aviation world.

Enjoy the video and keep sending in your questions and suggestion. See you inside the Mentour Aviation app, now with an Aviation NEWS feature!

Scientific study on benefits of pre-rotating aircraft tyres:…

Cyclone technology (Cleaning runway from rubber)

flugsnug ( Closeup spinning tires)

Veritasium (Gyroscopic precession )

NATechnologies (Rubber removal from runway)