Odds and Ends

Tech Note: yet another color temp example

When the photo is adjusted for the Taylor’s seemingly ‘white’ lights, then the snow looks deep yellow, lit by the yellowish outside lights.


The Taylor brings a 20-foot stack, loaded with comat
(company material) to the loader I’m operating.

One of these 20-footers, I had to spin 180°.

Cesar wields the pry-bar
while another van awaits in the doorway

“Get me the bar” – Ed H.


Cesar, load-sheet hanging out of his mouth,
muscles the stuck pallet down the rail.

Every lead has his style.

Ed H. (recently retired NWA main-deck veteran) was famous for saying:
“Get me the bar.”

Often, working the main deck is not just about moving switches and setting locks.
There’s pushing, pulling and prying, pulling pallets with pallets, etc..

Cesar is brilliant, knowing almost instantly the best way to to get ‘er done.

Blurred in this 1/2 second exposure,
I’m not big on using the G11’s tiny flash.

Aft Load Begins

Tech Note: Another good color temperature example

The plane isn’t green. But it is lit by the yellowish outdoor lights which have a completely different color temp than the plane’s interior lights. I’ve set the color temp so the van and the inside of the plane would be white, and the plane’s white skin then becomes green.

12/28/09 – Cargo’s Last Stand – 7:14 am

The mostly comat load now begins in the aft
with one of our vans on a 20-footer