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As of right now,
ToBeFree has 1/2 million hits.

Thanks, everyone!

I wish I could be more excited.
I’ve tried really hard to show what is really going on
in over 3,500 posts, so far,
but America is still going down.

However, there is a bright side,
and this is my main mission.

I expect a major spiritual revival,
the Third Great Awakening
to happen probably next year.

This will be a really big deal,
and is what my other site,
is mostly about.

This is our only hope, right now —
other than slowing down Satan’s one-world government scheme
which is coming like a freight train.

But this is a huge hope!
When people are finally ONE with each other
and finally truly in Christ,
“then the world will know,”
Jesus said in John 17.

I can’t wait.
This will be a great day!

Then, whatever happens will be tough,
but it will be like water running off a duck’s back
for those who are truly in Christ
even martyrdom
when we’re really filled with the Spirit.

“For as the sufferings of Christ abound to us,
even so our comfort also abounds through Christ” (2 Cor. 1).

Incidentally and importantly, the concept,
“In Christ” is clearly described by Paul in Romans 8:1b,
but not in Rupert Murdoch’s NIV –
New Illuminati Version

or many of the other new perVersions
(I’m not exaggerating. Bad doctrine
from bad translations has destroyed America!).

I recommend the NKJV or the WEB (World English Bible),
a royalty free, Textus Receptus based translation.

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures —
Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?
which has been online for 3 years;
it’s #1 if you type in “who goes to heaven” in Google;
and no one can refute it,
even though I’m offering $6,000 to anyone who can.

This truth is the biggest key to the revival happening really soon.

Let us be ONE in Christ!


Power to the peaceful!

Jeff Fenske

Why the total eclipse of the moon was red

Here it is, Rich.

From: Yahoo News

Amazing Spectacle: Total Lunar Eclipse Monday Night

For a few hours on the night of Dec. 20 to Dec. 21, the attention of tens of millions of people will be drawn skyward, where the mottled, coppery globe of our moon will hang completely immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast out into space by our Earth. If the weather is clear, favorably placed skywatchers will have a view of one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles: a total eclipse of the moon. …

Color and brightness in question

During totality, although the moon will be entirely immersed in the Earth’s shadow, it likely will not disappear from sight.  Rather, it should appear to turn a coppery red color, a change caused by the Earth’s atmosphere bending or refracting sunlight into the shadow.

Since the Earth’s shadow is cone-shaped and extends out into space for about 844,000 miles (1,358,000 km), sunlight will be strained through a sort of “double sunset,” all around the rim of the Earth, into its shadow and then onto the moon.

However, because of the recent eruptions of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last spring and the Merapi volcano in Indonesia in October, one and possibly even two clouds of ash and dust might be floating high above the Earth.  As a result, the moon may appear darker than usual during this eclipse; during totality, parts of the moon might even become black and invisible.

A careful description of the colors seen on the totally eclipsed moon and their changes is valuable.  The hues depend on the optical equipment used, usually appearing more vivid with the naked eye than in telescopes.  The French astronomer Andre-Louis Danjon introduced the following five-point scale of lunar luminosity (“L”) to classify eclipses:

L = 0:  Very dark eclipse, moon almost invisible, especially in mid-totality.

L = 1:  Dark eclipse, gray or brownish coloration, details distinguishable only with difficulty.

L = 2:   Deep red or rust-colored eclipse, with a very dark central part in the shadow, and outer edge of the umbra relatively bright.

L = 3:   Brick red eclipse, usually with a bright or yellow rim to the shadow.

L = 4: Very bright copper-red or orange eclipse, with a bluish very bright shadow rim.

Examine the moon at mid-totality and also near the beginning and end of totality to get an impression of both the inner and outer umbra.  In noting an L observation, state the time and optical means (naked eye, binoculars or telescope) that is used.  We invite readers to e-mail their Danjon estimate for this eclipse (along with any pictures they’d like to share) to cmoskowitz-at-SPACE.com.

At mid-totality, from rural locations far from city lights, the darkness of the sky is impressive.  Faint stars and the Milky Way will appear, and the surrounding landscape will take on a somber hue.  As totality ends, the eastern edge of the moon begins to emerge from the umbra, and the sequence of events repeats in reverse order until the spectacle is over.

Entire Article Here

Some did shoot the moon from Flattop’s base

In Last Night, this is where I was saying I should have shot my photos from:

In hindsight, I probably could have totally avoided the clouds
shooting instead near Flattop Mountain —
getting an interesting landscape shot up there as well,
but the forecast was clouds,
so I was surprised to even see the moon at all.

And I didn’t know this would be such a long event,
taking over 2 hours —
much different than a solar eclipse.

See ADN Photos Here

These are the clouds that rained on my party,
a little less than half way through the eclipse

I actually wrote a rant! 70% of Americans pay their municipalities to poison them and their children, lowering their IQ and diminishing their fighting spirit!

I normally don’t rant, but in Anchorage, Alaska we have this pristine water (from Eklutna Lake and well water) that we’re paying almost $100 per family to get. Yet they dump this toxic waste chemical into it which has been proven many years ago to not only dumb us down, but causes many other health problems as well.

And the only way to get fluoride out is to remove all of the other beneficial minerals as well.

Our leaders don’t seem to care; though, they know about it.

There is basically a local media blackout on the subject, which I’ve discussed before. Compare the Anchorage Daily News fluoride articles to those in Juneau’s Empire Builder newspapers, for example.

This is just so disgusting! How long will the people put up with actual poison (not even food grade fluoride)…

Here it is:

Fenske’s Rant | Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children — In addition to this study, and the 23 other IQ studies, there have been over 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage

How many more hundreds of studies do we need?

I think I’m a pretty patient guy, but I’ve reported on this for over 10 years. I think it’s time to rant when we’re Americans won’t stand up for even our own mental health, being done to us in the name of “decreasing tooth decay,” which is mostly a sham, disproven decades ago.

And now they’re saying we don’t need very much Vitamin D, skewing the studies to do so, which I’ve also shown at ToBeFree — when a lack of vitamin D was probably our major tooth decay source!

It’s just disgusting. Come on everyone. We need to get this mind numbing, psych drug out of our water!

It’s literally part of what is taking the fight out of people so we lay down and put up with even the naked body scanners — which won’t just be in airports, by the way!

And we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The Devil is playing us like a fiddle.

jeff 🙁

Last Night

12/20/10 • 10:21 PM

Mom took this shot of me shooting the photos below —
her idea.

She did a great job hand-holding the 1.3 second exposure,
which was my fault.
I handed her the LX5, only conservatively increasing the ISO,
which is my style.
But I should have opened the aperture all the way up too,
utilizing its f/2.0 capability.

[For really observant camera buffs,
I’m not using the tripod collar because I loaned this lens to a friend
who doesn’t have a RRS quick release mount,
and I hadn’t screwed back on the adapter.

It wasn’t necessary, though.
Perhaps it was the extreme angle.
The 5D2 was rock steady
even with the extenders.]

12/20/10 • 10:00 PM

About 15 minutes into the lunar eclipse

12/20/10 • 10:41 PM

About an hour into the eclipse,
here it is nearly full.

We’re looking at the moon almost entirely shadowed by the Earth!

I had thought that the red color was mostly from the streetlight-lit clouds that rolled in,
but Rich commented below on how this is how it appeared even cloudless,
which I see is the case in these photos.

Perhaps even though the moon wasn’t throwing much light,
it was still reddening the clouds, along with the city’s light pollution,
which is generally more yellow/orange than red.

The clouds are a main reason for this photo’s lack of sharpness.

But this is also a much longer exposure,
as the moon is much darker,
so the movement of the moon blurs the photo even more.

I don’t have a motorized tracker gizmo
as Alaska isn’t a great place to view celestial bodies in the heavens,
being too low in elevation, among other things.

In hindsight, I probably could have totally avoided the clouds
shooting instead near Flattop Mountain —
getting an interesting landscape shot up there as well,
but the forecast was clouds,
so I was surprised to even see the moon at all.

And I didn’t know this would be such a long event,
taking over 2 hours —
much different than a solar eclipse.


Some did shoot the moon from Flattop’s base

Why the total eclipse of the moon was red

Time Lapse Video of the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse

The Lab II — The Photo Buddha


3 of the 4 rows of our digital darkroom/classroom
at Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, studying
The Fine Art of Digital Printing

My workstation was at the far left of the second row.

I decided to post another lab photo to highlight Ming.
In the red shirt, he’s an amazing hands-on instructor,
reminding me very much of the Food Buddha,
if you’ve seen him on TV.

They both have a quick mind, incredible energy,
are smart and so friendly!

This is a 1.3 second photo (hand-held LX5),
so there is some serious blurring going on.

If you look carefully,
you can see a shoe and a leg on the bottom-right,
where someone was standing.

The even closer blur is instructor
John Paul Caponigro walking by.


The Lab

The Presentation

My Instructors


12/12/10 – 11 AM
(an hour after sunrise,
facing north)

The garage door windows throw pairs of spotlights
on the forklift, the scale and the wall
when the sun is so low in the sky,
9 days before winter solstice.

Official sunrise and sunset:
10:06 AM | 3:41 PM

Contrast and blacks tweaked for emphasis


My First Bible


Inside the cover reads:

____ __, 1974

To Jeff on your
17th birthday with
Love Mom & Dad

* * *

The sticker was put on in the ’70s too.

See the heart in the ‘o’ in God?

* * *

In Acts, reading on my own
how full of joy Paul and Silas handled their imprisonment,
it was in this book I was convinced Christianity is the true religion.

And by reading this book in high school
was when I dedicated my life to Him.

Though I loved the NIV’s readability,
and I discovered Life through it,
I don’t really consider the NIV a real Bible anymore.

It’s dangerous, and is misleading many
because of the numerous texts they changed and/or deleted,
like Romans 8:1b!

Thankfully, they didn’t change Hebrews 10:26-39
which I found as a senior,
trying to see if eternal security was valid or not.

“Hebrews 10:26” was my theme song during my last year in high school,
and Hebrews 10:26-39 is one of the cornerstones in my
Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way |
Who are the Children of God?
article that has been posted for almost a year.

But I couldn’t have written it
had I used Rupert Murdoch’s NIV.

I’m offering $6,000 to anyone who can refute it.
And no one can.

This single doctrine may be the key to us
seeing the 3rd Great Awakening happen before our eyes
here in Anchorage.

I love this book because of how it affected my life.
but it’s really diabolical,
and has destroyed the lives of many.

I recommend reading Textus Receptus based translations
like the NKJV or the Word English Bible,
which is what I use mostly online,
because it’s royalty free,
unlike the NKJV.

: )


Is Murdoch’s NIV the ‘N’ew ‘I’lluminati ‘V’ersion? Has the Word of God Been Corrupted to Bring US Into the New World Order?

And this is a great NKJV audio Bible:

Richard Dreyfuss (plays Moses in THE WORD OF PROMISE AUDIO BIBLE) interviewed by Tavis: The dread he feels about America’s future, one man owns half of the news media, “If you’re against the policy, you’re against the troops,” DARKness and LIGHTkeepers!

The King James (KJV) is also accurate, but it’s unnecessarily hard to read, now that we have faithful modern versions. I have only found a few problematic inaccuracies in the NKJV. The World English Bible is also excellent.

Power to the peaceful!