As of right now,
ToBeFree has 1/2 million hits.

Thanks, everyone!

I wish I could be more excited.
I’ve tried really hard to show what is really going on
in over 3,500 posts, so far,
but America is still going down.

However, there is a bright side,
and this is my main mission.

I expect a major spiritual revival,
the Third Great Awakening
to happen probably next year.

This will be a really big deal,
and is what my other site,
is mostly about.

This is our only hope, right now —
other than slowing down Satan’s one-world government scheme
which is coming like a freight train.

But this is a huge hope!
When people are finally ONE with each other
and finally truly in Christ,
“then the world will know,”
Jesus said in John 17.

I can’t wait.
This will be a great day!

Then, whatever happens will be tough,
but it will be like water running off a duck’s back
for those who are truly in Christ
even martyrdom
when we’re really filled with the Spirit.

“For as the sufferings of Christ abound to us,
even so our comfort also abounds through Christ” (2 Cor. 1).

Incidentally and importantly, the concept,
“In Christ” is clearly described by Paul in Romans 8:1b,
but not in Rupert Murdoch’s NIV –
New Illuminati Version

or many of the other new perVersions
(I’m not exaggerating. Bad doctrine
from bad translations has destroyed America!).

I recommend the NKJV or the WEB (World English Bible),
a royalty free, Textus Receptus based translation.

Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures —
Narrow is the Way | Who are the Children of God?
which has been online for 3 years;
it’s #1 if you type in “who goes to heaven” in Google;
and no one can refute it,
even though I’m offering $6,000 to anyone who can.

This truth is the biggest key to the revival happening really soon.

Let us be ONE in Christ!


Power to the peaceful!

Jeff Fenske