I just had the delight of watching Fine Art Photography Weekly’s interview with 8 x 10 format, fine art photographer, Rodney Lough, Jr, whose galleries I discussed here: The Most Beautiful Fine Art Gallery in the World?

I took some notes from this interview.

At about minute 19, Rodney discusses one of his goals, which is somewhat similar to mine.

For me, ultimately, I would like to help people break free from the all-encompassing electronics the sheetrock walls and into the awareness that God is the source of all beauty. We can trust Him! There is Hope!

Rodney definitely doesn’t go quite that far. His stated goal is much more subtle, even calling the Creator, “Mother Nature” (Rodney is a Mormon). He talks about trying to help people get beyond the ‘concrete’ and experience the ‘grass’ — beautifully lit, I might add — from what I’ve read of his philosphy elsewhere.

I also like what he says about his style, which he sums up with this statement:

“I walk around and I just keep my eyes open, and then something goes ‘HAAAAAA! That’s amazing!’ And it just stops me dead in my tracks.

I don’t know why I have that talent. I can’t say. I think we’re all given different gifts. Some people make a great apple pie. Some people are great gardeners, and I walk around in the woods going ‘HAAAAAA! That’s amazing!'”

And here is Rodney Lough, Jr. on photographers telling the truth:

“I think when you die, there’s an up-escalator and a down-escalator. I’d really like to be on the up-escalator.

So lying about something like “Oh, that moon was there in front of that big tree.” …

Some tech info for those so inclined:

He gets 1.6-1.8 GB scans from his drumscanned 8 x 10 inch positives.

He would like to print larger, but he’s limited by paper size. He prints with LightJet on Fuji crystal archive flex, which limits him to print no bigger than 50 inches by 10 feet.

His only filter is a graduated 2-stop neutral density.


Jeff : )