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Vitamin D in Anchorage

[Originally posted on 12/4. Updated on 12/11]

I just posted Vitamin D: Food & Nutrition Board Betrays Millions and Institute of Medicine Report on Vitamin D is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong at ToBeFree. Recommended vitamin D3 amounts are given there and Dr. Mercola: How Much Vitamin D?.

The lying, deceit and love of money is outrageous in the US. Dark forces really have taken over. But they don’t have to take over us!

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And opt into vitamin D, the SUNSHINE vitamin!

The good doc working on Mom

Dr. Ellenburg sells Liqui-D3 vitamin D drops in his clinic in Anchorage: Dr. Ellenburg Center for Natural Medicine. You don’t need to be a patient, but call first, to make sure it’s in stock. I keep mine refrigerated. You won’t find a deal like this at a health food store, that I know of anyway.

A 1 oz. bottle was $22, the last time I bought one. It lasts a long time. I take 3 drops a day in winter, as I weigh over 200 pounds and this is what was recommended for me by Dr. Ellenburg. It’s good to see a N.D., not a M.D.. Naturopathic doctors study as many years as Big Pharma M.D.s, but they study natural medicine instead of drugs. M.D.s know almost nothing about nutrition, except that there is little money to be made there. “The love of money” really is a huge factor driving the massive medical disinformation that is part of what is destroying America.

Back to Liqui-D3, each drop is 2,000 iu.. This is a very inexpensive way to get what our bodies need, considering the true data and our total lack of Vitamin D giving rays right now. The sun isn’t high enough in the sky.

But the stats show that most people are deficient in the lower 48 too, especially in winter in the northern latitudes — and for those who simply don’t get enough sunshine elsewhere.

And wearing burkas don’t help either: Burkas Cause Major Vitamin D Deficiency & Hence Breast Cancer?

High quality vitamin D can also be purchased in health food stores or online, such as The Vitamin Shoppe. They’re currently offering Carlson Vitamin D (2000 iu., 120 caps) for $4.65.

Power to the peaceful!



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Photographer Rodney Lough, Jr. Interview


  1. Some might not know about Vitamin D but you should aim to get at least at the very least fifteen minutes of sun daily. This is because your body will naturally produce the Vitamin D the minute your skin is exposed to the sun. If you normally wear sunscreen all the time, for this time frame, stop wearing it. This is because the chemicals in the sunscreen will stop your body’s natural absorption of sunlight. Another great benefit of sunshine is that it is great for fighting fatigue and depression. If you have medium to dark skin, then you should try to stay out for 10 minutes more in the sun to receive all the benefits.

    • Jeff Fenske

      I don’t know where you’re getting your data. Perhaps from Big Pharma who only make money when people are sick. “The love of money….”

      This might be true if one is at the equator at high noon with no clouds and no clothes, but most of us don’t live in these conditions.

      Though I agree that sunscreen is generally a bad thing. It’s actually toxic.

      Some people get enough vitamin D in the southern states (for example in the USA) in winter and also in the northern states in summer, but only if they are out in the sun long enough with enough skin exposed.

      In winter in the northern states it’s virtually impossible to get enough vitamin D. And in Alaska it is impossible.

      Dr. Ellenburg told me that he doesn’t think we get any of the vitamin D rays during our entire winter, here in Anchorage; though, we have a number of hours of daylight.

      The sun’s rays are blocked by the atmosphere it has to shine through when it stays at such a low angle.

      My guess is that we could possibly get some of the good rays at high noon (noon – 2pm period) during early and late winter, when we can feel the heat of the sun somewhat. But it can’t be much, and we have to wear so much clothing.


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