Inside the cover reads:

____ __, 1974

To Jeff on your
17th birthday with
Love Mom & Dad

* * *

The sticker was put on in the ’70s too.

See the heart in the ‘o’ in God?

* * *

In Acts, reading on my own
how full of joy Paul and Silas handled their imprisonment,
it was in this book I was convinced Christianity is the true religion.

And by reading this book in high school
was when I dedicated my life to Him.

Though I loved the NIV’s readability,
and I discovered Life through it,
I don’t really consider the NIV a real Bible anymore.

It’s dangerous, and is misleading many
because of the numerous texts they changed and/or deleted,
like Romans 8:1b!

Thankfully, they didn’t change Hebrews 10:26-39
which I found as a senior,
trying to see if eternal security was valid or not.

“Hebrews 10:26” was my theme song during my last year in high school,
and Hebrews 10:26-39 is one of the cornerstones in my
Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way |
Who are the Children of God?
article that has been posted for almost a year.

But I couldn’t have written it
had I used Rupert Murdoch’s NIV.

I’m offering $6,000 to anyone who can refute it.
And no one can.

This single doctrine may be the key to us
seeing the 3rd Great Awakening happen before our eyes
here in Anchorage.

I love this book because of how it affected my life.
but it’s really diabolical,
and has destroyed the lives of many.

I recommend reading Textus Receptus based translations
like the NKJV or the Word English Bible,
which is what I use mostly online,
because it’s royalty free,
unlike the NKJV.

: )


Is Murdoch’s NIV the ‘N’ew ‘I’lluminati ‘V’ersion? Has the Word of God Been Corrupted to Bring US Into the New World Order?

And this is a great NKJV audio Bible:

Richard Dreyfuss (plays Moses in THE WORD OF PROMISE AUDIO BIBLE) interviewed by Tavis: The dread he feels about America’s future, one man owns half of the news media, “If you’re against the policy, you’re against the troops,” DARKness and LIGHTkeepers!

The King James (KJV) is also accurate, but it’s unnecessarily hard to read, now that we have faithful modern versions. I have only found a few problematic inaccuracies in the NKJV. The World English Bible is also excellent.

Power to the peaceful!