Driving Northbound (camera points straight ahead)

01:15 Mandalay Bay

01:25 Ferris Wheel Towers

01:33 Concert on right, Luxor pyramid on left

01:43 sphinx and obelisk

01:35 Tropicana Club Tower — the white building between stage and MGM

02:06 Excalibur on left, Tropicana main building on right (Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible)

02:32 NY NY on left, MGM on right

04:10 Aria on left, Planet Hollywood on right

04:43 The Bellagio

05:01 Caesars

09:56 DRIVING SOUTHBOUND (camera points to the right)

14:00 The Bellagio

19:05 Pyramid, sphinx & obelisk w/ Mandalay Bay in background
19:20 Mandalay Bay

• • •


Driving in Las Vegas 4K Video

Published on Oct 17, 2016

4k video taken with samsung galaxy s7 edge. Las Vegas Boulevard