One of my former NWA bosses, Curt Jensen, took this wonderful historic shot a few decades ago, and has now posted it on Facebook. Thanks, Curt!

The DC-10 and 747 (international flight) passenger aircraft are parked at the end of the B-concourse at Anchorage International airport.

And in the background, behind the then-tiny control tower, is a Northwest Airlines red tail, 747 cargo freighter parked at our cargo warehouse with the nose open for nose loading. This was long before the transload days, when three freighters were parked side-by-side at one time.

The airport has since been remodeled. I now spend most of my time at the cargo facility, but bring freight to and from the Delta passenger planes that still park in this oft-windy location, where we also unload some of the bags and the freight. We also pick up and drop off the mail.

A Western Airlines airplane can be seen behind the B-concourse.

– jeff

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Photo by Curt Jensen

“I took this photo on a flying trip with Jerry Carter in a 170. …

 Flight 4 and 777….?????”