I finally, successfully made FISH HEAD SOUP, based on Chef Rob’s video below, made with silver salmon. YUMMY! I substituted lots of cabbage and fresh dill for the sea vegetables.

I tried making it before from a 50-pound King salmon that I caught in the ’80s. I didn’t know to remove the gills, and it stunk up my roommate’s apartment! Had to throw it away.

– Jeff

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZGpkQe27rs]Salmon Head Soup: Traditional Foods, Contemporary Chef Southcentral Alaska

Published on May 20, 2012 by ANTHCStoreOutside

ANTHC’s Store Outside brings you an amazing, nutrient-dense Fish Head Soup recipe! Watch Chef Rob Kinneen prepare a contemporary twist on a classic Alaska Native recipe. Alaska Native Elders always ask for Fish Head Soup, as it is both a delicacy as well as loaded with nutrition! Salmon is Omega-3 Fatty Acid rich as well as high in Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and trace minerals. This truly is among the top of Alaska Native soul foods! Special thanks to Elder Myrtle Vandorn, Southcentral Foundation’s Kim Aspelund, Mayor Lester Lunceford/City of Whittier, Cook Inlet Housing Authority and the State of Alaska Division of Public Health!