Here is a super sweet, super feel-good, 40-second VIDEO introducing the new Olympus E-PL5 camera! This video is especially for CAT LOVERS!

Just released hours ago (available in October), the new PEN E-PL5 has a 180° tilting screen and the awesome 16MP sensor of the Olympus E-M5! 30 lightweight lenses by different manufacturers are available for it (from fisheye to super-telephoto*), and it’s very effective IBIS (in the body image stabilization) works with all of them.

An optional electronic optical viewfinder can be attached to the hot shoe.

* Some of the lenses, especially the telephotos, don’t have the ultimate resolution sharpness and contrast, yet. Also, shallow depth of field is most often impossible to obtain with the smaller M43 sensor and the small lenses that aren’t fast enough to compare to what can be done with a full-frame sensor camera [f/stop has to be twice as fast as a full frame sensor camera to compensate for the affect of the smaller sensor on depth of field. But most of the M43 lenses aren’t even as fast as the faster full frame lenses]. Given those drawbacks, it’s remarkable what this small camera can do, usually without a tripod!

Highly recommended!

Jeff : )

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[youtube=]動いている被写体を撮る | OLYMPUS PEN (オリンパス ペン

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The as-wonderful-as-coffee, 40-second video:

[youtube=]きれいな背景ぼけ写真を撮る | OLYMPUS PEN (オリンパス ペン)

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