Well, I went for a walk around our neighborhood a few hours ago with my RX100. I’m documenting the power outage in our neighborhood at 4am while getting some exercise.

This time I took photos of the ‘Holiday’ gas station on the corner. It actually warmed my heart when they put it up a few years ago, having grown up in Bloomington, Minnesota, which I think is the home of Holiday stores and gas stations.

The station on the corner had this really nice looking green, chalet style roof too.

But then they put up this neon sign which sold garbage soft drinks, etc.. They ruined the corner with that gaudy, low-life neon sign. Today, the neon sign is dark, and I captured this historic moment with the amazing Sony RX100.

Holiday, please take down the neon signs, selling poison-drinks to people. They don’t belong in a residential area. Thank you.

Our 2-block by 3-block area is pitch black, surrounded by houses and streetlights that have power. Hopefully, it won’t be much longer (it’s been 32 hours), but who knows. There is no sign of the repair crews anywhere. Maybe we’re at the bottom of the totem pole in their priority list.

Maybe the transformer that was blown is flying up on a freighter from the lower 48.

Could be much worse … way worse.

Good wake up call / reality check : )