The Most Beautiful Fine Art Gallery in the World? | Camera Sensor Size Comparison

This may be the most beautiful fine art gallery in the world … those mighty, 600 year old, cedar tree trunks!!! And I can only imagine the cedar wood smell — ummm!

Up, right now on Rodney Lough Jr.’s home page are photos of his new 2,500 square foot gallery in Las Vegas. And if you click on the Press Center tab, you’ll see an overview with the photos.

I spent many hours at Rodney’s tiny Sausalito gallery and his giant, 5,000 square foot Pier 39 gallery last May, where I saw what may be my favorite photo of all time. It looks great online, but the 24 x 40 inch print, seen in person, lit by halogens — magnificent!!! This Outdoor Photographer article pdf file also highlights this photo — large image!

And Rodney achieves the finest detail possible, because he shoots exclusively an 8 x 10 camera which actually uses 8 x 10 inch film! In comparison (Wikipedia has a great chart), most pro photographers shoot SLRs that have an APS sensor that is about 0.9 x 0.6 inches. And the largest sensors in the pocket cameras are 0.3 x 0.2 inches, which is what my G11 uses.

My 5D MkII has a 35mm size sensor that measures 1.4 x .95 inches. And Elizabeth Carmel shoots a Hasselblad that has a medium format sensor measuring about 2 x 1.5 inches.

Her up to 60-inch prints are also stunning. I also visited her gallery in Truckee, CA, last year.

It is wonderful to see, firsthand, what can be done with an 8 x 10. But in my opinion, it’s really overkill (and so limiting to shoot with), unless one would print really, really, REALLY big, which he can definitely do.

His galleries are worth checking out. He has one at the Mall of America too.

In a Jam

I just had to photo Don in action.
He bailed me out of a crisis 29 years ago.

Thank you, Don!

12/24/09  — 2:00 – 2:10 pm


The blue room put this lower-deck crew in a practically impossible situation,
so Lynn solicits Don’s 30 years of experience.

[The faceless man has expressed his freedom to be invisible]


Quick Assessment


Zoom, zoom, zoom!


Precise alignment


We did it!


: )

Photo tech:
I missed the best shot in between these last two.
Don was moving so fast,
and I was stuck with the G11’s slow recycling time.

Shutter speed was as slow as 1/8 second in this sequence —
some shots being in the shadow,
and 2 pm was late, during this cloudy day,
one day before winter solstice,
the shortest day of the year.