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Bootlegger Fire


Four-plex fire in Bootlegger Cove,
at the edge of downtown Anchorage

As seen from Cargo’s Last Stand —
about 3 miles away


Where is everyone?


No Swimming


  1. Rich

    Did you change this picture since you first posted it? It looks different!!??

    • Jeff Fenske


      I did a couple of times on the day I posted it, which is not uncommon for me, especially now that I have a lot more tools at my disposal.

      But even before acquiring the Nik software (and learning how to use it), I’ve redone a number of my photos, sometimes months later.

      I’m actually thinking of having a Jeff’s Favorites category, for which many of those photos I’ll fine tune some more.

      The main thing I changed in this last photo was the application of contrast — pulling it out of the smoke and keeping it on the mountains.

      I’ve got to start my flower pictures soon. I mainly now need to learn how to stylistically apply my Let Us Be ONE chapter titles onto the images, which will just be for the art images I post online that I think could go viral otherwise.

      I’m pretty excited, but it’s so bittersweet, being able to do all of this while at the same time we seem to be rapidly losing our country — even our medical freedom.

      It’s great to be able to concentrate on things that are excellent and praiseworthy instead of all the muck.

      Jeff : )

  2. Rich

    The biggest thing that stuck out to me was the smoke looked darker and more in the fore front the picture!! It looks good.

    Amen on your last two paragraphs!!

    Be Well,


    • Jeff Fenske

      Good observation, Rich!

      The added contrast seemed to bring the smoke unnaturally close, so I selectively took it out of the smoke and the clouds.

      I also held back the brightness of the sky, which would affect the cloud as well. And I adjusted that a bit in the different versions.

      By the way, this tweaking-after-posting subject is interesting to me. I often, actually, change posts that I personally write on my sites during the hours following posting. So what I post is often not my final draft. I mainly think of things to add, and then do so — since I have the freedom to.

      I’m a bit concerned that when I finalize my fine art images for sale, I may think of ways to improve the images still some more, later. And knowing me, I would have a hard time not doing so. So my images could change over time. Perhaps I could have in writing that this is a possibility, so customers wouldn’t be surprised if they find this to be true.

      The old technology wouldn’t allow this much flexibility, so it’s seems to have been the standard that once a print goes up for sale that’s what it will always be. But why straightjackets ourselves just because that’s always been the way it’s been done before? I’m thinking.


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