I just had to photo Don in action.
He bailed me out of a crisis 29 years ago.

Thank you, Don!

12/24/09  — 2:00 – 2:10 pm


The blue room put this lower-deck crew in a practically impossible situation,
so Lynn solicits Don’s 30 years of experience.

[The faceless man has expressed his freedom to be invisible]


Quick Assessment


Zoom, zoom, zoom!


Precise alignment


We did it!


: )

Photo tech:
I missed the best shot in between these last two.
Don was moving so fast,
and I was stuck with the G11’s slow recycling time.

Shutter speed was as slow as 1/8 second in this sequence —
some shots being in the shadow,
and 2 pm was late, during this cloudy day,
one day before winter solstice,
the shortest day of the year.