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The Red Wall: Almost Done

I’m almost done with the Cargo’s Last Stand project


I have only a few photos left to post;
though, the red wall is still intact
(as far as I know).
It may get some more action.

I still need to shoot Miguel, at least.

And we still have the move to the old freight building.

We’ll see.


The Red Wall: Captain Tim Tobin


The Last Stack


  1. Dr. Rich

    Looking a little somber 🙁

    • Jeff Fenske

      Dr. Rich,

      You are correct. The word that comes to my mind is forlorn.

      From: Merriam Webster

      Etymology: Middle English forloren, from Old English, past participle of forlēosan to lose, from for- + lēosan to lose — more at lose
      Date: before 12th century

      1 a : bereft, forsaken <left quite forlorn of hope> b : sad and lonely because of isolation or desertion : desolate <a forlorn landscape>

      There were a lot of smiles, but when everybody leaves, this wall is actually quite sad. And I’m often thinking of the bigger picture too.

      Northwest could have updated the freighter fleet years ago and stayed on top, and this wall wouldn’t exist — unless Delta would have sold off the operation. But seeing how fast America is going down, how much longer would the business be profitable, anyway?

      It’s one thing to grow up in a poor country and look forward to an increased standard of living. But we had it all, and we’ve given it all away — and so needlessly. It’s so sad.

      But Christianity has become such a farse that I really should see this as medicine — though it’s really hard to swallow — especially when it really wasn’t necessary had we only ….

      We could have had spiritual revival AND economic prosperity. We could have elected Ron Paul! We could have….

      Now, we have neither economic prosperity or spiritual revival — during this in-between time. And all that remains to look forward to is a spiritual revival — which we still don’t have — having pushed for it for so many years — ugh!

      And we’re going through all of this and many still aren’t getting it — still believing those same media personalities and preachers who’ve steered us down this path to non-greatness.

      Watching the fall of America without yet seeing revival — this yukky, doldrum, in-between time.


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