2 thoughts on “Rhydian Put Me Over the Edge

    1. Jeff Fenske


      I cut it off right after taking the photos, but had tried it for a few days.

      A few people were relieved, while some thought it was interesting.

      After getting rid of it, I joked that my centerline was colder.

      Have you checked out Rhydian? This is how a guy should sing.

      I’ve never been into the big, opera sounding voices until now. I have liked some of Andrea Bocelli’s singing, though. Most of the others just sound over the top. Rhydian is just in his element. And I think I can actually do this to a certain degree — within my narrower range, thanks especially to Feldnenkrais. Thanks, Shari Lee — and to you for helping me see her!!!

      Why be a pip-squeak when we can really belt it out?

      jeff : )

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