UPDATED with Jon info

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From left to right (retirees & early-outers in bold):

Seated: Carson, Judy, Beth, Reta and Reiko
Middle: Debra is Behind Beth
Main back row: Pam, Steve, Don, Michelle (behind Debra), Leah, Jeff and Jon (featuring Zingo)
Way back there: Christi and Don

We wish you all well!

Jon sent me this pic during his journey down the Alcan with Zingo and his mom,
who snapped this photo.

Jon wrote:

“I love this pic.
Everybody is looking at the camera except Zingo looking at your food!  Lol”

And he said about customs:

“So far so good!  Canada Customs was very helpful and unpacked the truck and U Haul for us.  Unfortunately, we still had thousands of miles left to go, so Mom and I had to repack everything!  Lol  We have made it to Fort St. John and the roads have been good.  Still plan on going thru Banff.”