16:08 “You have to get to a point where you just don’t care … what anyone else thinks.”

“You know better than anyone else what you like. Don’t give up on that. …when you do get an image it will be created from some place in here (touches his heart), and other people will be able to respond to it as well.”

“I literally walk around and go ‘Huh! That’s beautiful, and I don’t care anyone else thinks it is or not.”

The F Stops Here

Mar 10, 2022

Rodney Lough Jr

IMHO this is the most important episode of this entire series. If you really want to know what makes a great composition, watch the entire episode!

In this 11th episode, we will spend our entire time investigating the elements which are required to get your work to be enjoyed by others. Let’s face it, that is not an easy thing to do. Nor, sometimes, is it popular.

Stop doing all the same stuff other people do, unless you are indeed an automaton. Isn’t it about time you get to just be you?

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Rodney Lough Jr.

Here are the links to my website for the images in this episode…

“Mono Sunset” https://bit.ly/3Cutq1c

“Bristlecone Pine Sunrise” https://bit.ly/3tL0aPQ

“At the Dawn of Creation” https://bit.ly/3J5QPZe

A plug for my workshops because this is likely the last year I will be conducting these in the field workshops: https://bit.ly/3KyomeZ Truth be told I’d love to keep doing these but I’m swamped and can hardly keep up with incoming work at the Peak Haus Studio.