I watched a lot of golf this year, for the first time ever. Interesting, fascinating game that relates to life’s challenges in many ways.

I like Henrik’s style more than any other’s.

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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C58vmG1-ho]Henrik Stenson – Reveals the Keys to His Improvement in 2013



Published on Sep 25, 2013

Stenson had to fend off Jordan Spieth, America’s new wonder kid, and Steve Stricker to lift the Tour Championship title. His three-shot, wire-to-wire victory meant that in his last eight tournaments, since coming third in the Scottish Open in July, the Swede has amassed more than $15 million.

Pete Cowen, his swing coach, said players have individual patterns in their swings – whether you’re watching Jim Furyk and Adam Scott. And it is very difficult to change them. But you can instead give them more control over their particular pattern. You can not do more than that, because it basically is in their DNA. And half the work is to create an understanding of this.

According to Cowen, this development can mainly be attributed to Henrik himself had gained a better understanding of how the muscles to be used and controlled in the movement itself. – It’s that he’s got a better understanding of how the golf swing works. Both linear, rotationally and up and down. Getting together these three elements is difficult. It takes a while. But now he has the potential to do this pretty easily by controlling their muscles. The golf swing is more about control than your muscles to move the body. It is the muscles that move the mass. And therefore, your muscles must be used properly. You need to understand which muscles to do what to achieve control. And when Henry has understood this, it has been fairly easy to get to the rest. Has he some peculiar conditions been an asset in your work? – His physical strength is a huge asset. When this is you can match muscle movements thereafter. Is not the strength required otherwise much manipulation to compensate.

The core of the technical work has been shaped around different drills – ie exercises that simulate or enhance certain of pig’s motion sequences. Stenson and Cowen have avoided that tunnel vision on individual positions, but rather applied a holistic approach with the overall flow as a base. – Golf is not static, but dynamic. The game is three dimensional, while positions is only two dimensional. And you have to really be in control of the three-dimensional movement, which means to have control over the muscles.