The controversial October 13, 2014, KFQD, 4-minute audio clip is also available here. Lower quality version here.

Full 10/13/14, 14-minute segment here.

And this is Bernadette Wilson presenting the above audio clip on The Dave Stieren Show to Anchorage on 5/4/15.

I found the latter well worth listening to, and somewhat disgusting how Dave was so short with Bernadette, in his unrighteous defense of Berkowitz’s incest and gay marriage remarks. Bernadette brought up how Berkowitz has been lying, saying he never said what he clearly did say. Dave hardly lets her finish her sentences. Dave Stieren reminds me of the Mad Money guy, Jim Cramer — somewhat obnoxious and disgusting, actually.

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From: AK Pipeline (KTUU)

On eve of Election Day, recording of provocative radio interview released
by Chris Klint | May 4, 2015

ANCHORAGE — A recording of a months-old talk radio exchange between Ethan Berkowitz and his former KFQD co-host, Bernadette Wilson, surfaced online fewer than 24 hours before voters head to the polls.

The conversation about who should be allowed to legally get married has come to define the final weeks of a theoretically nonpartisan runoff race that pits the former Democratic state representative against Amy Demboski, a first-term Assembly member who is a Republican.

Anchorage Baptist Temple pastor Jerry Prevo started a wave of media attention during an April 26 sermon, when he suggested Berkowitz had voiced support for incest during the exchange. …

Wilson on Monday afternoon, however, released the audio which was shared by conservative politico Joe Miller on his KOAN radio show. …

Editor’s note: The accompanying audio file contains discussions of a sexual nature.



At the beginning of the four-minute clip, Wilson claims Berkowitz’s position encompasses an expansive definition of marriage — mirroring what is championed by jurists like U.S. District Court Judge Tim Burgess, who struck down Alaska’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional last year.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals covering Alaska has upheld other judges’ decisions to strike down similar bans in Nevada and Idaho, with the U.S. Supreme Court hearing a case last week to decide the issue nationwide.

“You could marry, essentially, whoever you wanted to, as long as they were over the age of 18,” Wilson said. “The states themselves, the courts themselves, the 9th Circuit, has essentially tied their own hands.”

Berkowitz retorted in the recording, giving an example which intellectually questioned restricting the government benefits married couples receive.

“If government shouldn’t be involved, and shouldn’t tell you who you can and can’t marry, then that goes whether there’s a blood relation or there’s not a blood relation,” Berkowitz said. “I support the idea of adults being able to choose who they have a relationship with. Father and son should be allowed to marry, if they’re both consenting adults — if you’re defining marriage as the bundle of rights and privileges that’s now accrued to people, then yes.”

“Oh that’s sick — that is sick,” Wilson immediately said.

“What’s sick to you is that you’re thinking of sex, and that’s not what marriage is,” Berkowitz replied. “And it’s always fascinating to me that whenever we have this conversation, people want to rush to the most extreme kind of case they can, because — you know, to avoid the legal consequences of this.”

“Here we go again,” Berkowitz said. “You want to go into the most shocking thing you can to denigrate. That’s not an argument.” Berkowitz returned to the point of sharing marital benefits, likening them to those shared by people with other familial bonds.

“You’re the one who said it was gross and horrifying,” Berkowitz said. “Do you think it’s gross and horrifying that parents should be able to protect their children? No. Do you think it’s gross and horrifying that siblings are able to share their benefits? No. I don’t think that’s gross or horrific; I think that’s loving.”

Wilson moved from the general topic of marital benefits to the specific question of sharing them with her children.

“I love my children, but I don’t think I would marry them,” Wilson said.

“You would if that were the only way to protect them,” Berkowitz replied.

“Would you marry your adult son?” Wilson asked.

“If that was the way to protect him, then you bet I would,” Berkowitz brusquely replied.


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