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[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcMafFLRqCo]Endangered Amur tigers at The Alaska Zoo

Alaska Dispatch News

Alaska Dispatch News

Published on Oct 31, 2014

Jim Rutkowski is the closest thing to a parental figure that a pair of 10-year-old brothers living on Anchorage’s Hillside have. He makes sure they eat food that won’t upset their “sensitive tummies.” When “the boys” are anxious he gives them sweet words of encouragement. And when they make a mess, he cleans it up as quickly as they’ll allow.
He’s not actually their parent; Rutkowski is their keeper at the Alaska Zoo. Korol and Kunali are actually a pair of Amur tigers — also known as Siberian tigers, an endangered species that has seen significant population drops at the hands of poachers and deforestation.
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