Rodney Lough Jr. asks: “Do you prefer color?” — My take and his… : )

Rodney Lough Jr. asked on Facebook, discussing this image:

More Yosemite for Wednesday; here’s Reflections Along the Merced! What do you think, do you like black and white images? Do you want me to see more of them, or do you prefer color?

I commented:

It seems to me that color almost always touches the heart more, perhaps because it more accurately shows off God’s creation, the way He made it. It shows His glory!

Rodney responded:

Thanks for your answers, everyone! Those of you who like color; don’t worry, I won’t stop releasing photos in nature’s glorious colors, including the image I’m going to be releasing in a little more than a week, Cathedral Forest. Those of you who like black and white, though… Well, I guess I’ll just say stay tuned


Here is more on my perspective. I just shared this with a Facebook friend who prefers black and white:

… I’ve studied Ansel. I like some of his work, and have seen some of his originals in Monterey. He can emphasize a particular feature with extreme contrast, etc., making a piece of rock look really gnarly, and the sky super dark, for example. And I do like his later darkroom technique over his earlier, where he was more conservative. But I still don’t get the ‘awe’ factor that I get with many color photos.

In this photo, one of my favorites of his, Ansel used a red filter to greatly darken the sky, etc., and heavy dodging and burning. It does emphasize how mighty this piece of rock is. And it may be more stunning than the color photo would be, taken during that same moment, especially if it was midday. But to me, a color photo taken during the right light could still be even much more impressive.

In general, in order to make a black and white look impressive, the photographer has to tone down certain colors and/or crank certain tones up, because a green tree will only look dissimilar in shape to the cliff behind it if they’re both the same brightness. So the photographer might greatly brighten the tree while darkening the cliff, so they can be more distinguishable.

The end result of doing that throughout a photograph for the different elements may be interesting, and draw me in to look at the photo more (which is good), but these photos rarely make me rejoice.

Another possible factor, which I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to solve, is that most computer monitors aren’t color accurate without being specially calibrated, which mostly only photographers do. So the photos don’t look the way they’re supposed to. If you ever get to see a Rodney Lough Jr. gallery in person, please do.

Accurate color isn’t a high priority for most consumers, so computer manufacturers can probably make a screen brighter without subduing certain colors in order to present color naturally.

Many people lose their color accuracy as they get older too. I think it’s probably a nutritional deficiency, mainly, and older photographers may have a hard time getting the colors right, so end up doing black and white instead.

[ video ] Genetic Roulette: Jeffrey M Smith on the Dangers of GMO ‘Food’

Quite amazing — the latest updates!

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[youtube=]Genetic Roulette: The Dangers of GMO


Published on May 11, 2013

Lee Ann Mcadoo Interviews Jeffrey M Smith on the Dangers of GMO. His documentaries shattere the biotech industry’s claim that genetically modified (GM) foods are safe. In this new DVD he presents never before seen evidence that points to how genetically engineered foods are contributing to rising disease rates. Get informed and protect you and your family from these very real dangers with this powerful and money saving special.…
Genetic Roulette DVD & Book Special
Retail Price: $47.90
On sale $39.95**
Your Savings: $7.95

How Premarital Sex Rewires the Brain — Knowing how these neurochemicals interact and change the brain help us understand why sex is meant to be kept within the boundaries of marriage

From: Charisma Magazine

How Premarital Sex Rewires the Brain

There’s a reason why breaking up from a sexual relationship is much more emotionally painful and much harder to forget than one that didn’t involve sex. There are several neurochemical processes that occur during sex, which are the “glue” to human bonding.

Sex is a powerful brain stimulant. When someone is involved sexually, it makes him or her want to repeat that act. Their brain produces lots of dopamine—a powerful chemical, which is compared to heroin on the brain. Dopamine is your internal pleasure/reward system. When dopamine is involved, it changes how we remember.

The other part is oxytocin, which is designed to mainly help us forget what is painful. Oxytocin is a hormone produced primarily in women’s bodies. When a woman has a child and she is breastfeeding, she produces lots of oxytocin, which bonds her to her child. For this reason, mothers will die for their child, because they’ve become emotionally bonded due to the oxytocin that is released when they’re skin-to-skin with their child.

The same phenomenon occurs when a woman is intimate with a man. Oxytocin is released, and this makes her bond to him emotionally. Have you wondered sometimes why a woman will stay with a man who’s abusing her? We know now that it’s because she bonded to him emotionally because of the oxytocin released during sex.

Men produce vasopressin, which is also referred to as the “monogamy hormone,” and it has the same effect as oxytocin has on a woman. It bonds a man to a woman.

These “bonding” agents narrow our selection to one person. That is wonderful in a marriage relationship but….

Entire Article Here


The Low-Cut Top Epidemic: May We Be Holy

[Lust FREEDOM — “The Poison that Kills the Soul”] My experience: How DEMONS DRIVE heterosexual and homosexual lust in ‘Christians’ — The bad news is that demons drive lust. The good news is that demons drive lust, because…

Survey of Christian Men on the Subject of Women’s Clothing — Men responded: “This area is the greatest challenge in my life!” • “Men are created in such a way as to be stimulated by sight.” • “Demon influence and demon possession is rampant. Evil triumphs when the church does nothing!” • Many more

[FreedomQuote] “Women, the way a man looks at you is out of your control, but what you reveal is up to you.”

[Princeton study] Is it wrong to wear a bikini? — The fully-clothed women were seen as being in control of their own actions, whereas the immodest ones were objects to be acted upon

What does God say? Women, children and men exposing themselves to TSAs in NAKED BODY SCANNERS!

David Bercot’s CD teaching: Separation from the World — What the Early Christians Believed About Separation from the World. D. Bercot. The Bible exhorts us: “Adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” So…

David Bercot’s CD teaching: Modest Dress and Cosmetics — How literally did the early Christians take Peter’s exortation?

Wes Hall: It’s Not Just Porn! “You’re asking for power and there are areas of hidden compromise in your life. … I’m not talking about the R-rated movies. I’m talking about the PG-13s … certain sitcoms, TV shows where your spirit is being defiled.”

A Nation ‘Bewitched’: Farrah Fawcett — “When the show [Charlie’s Angels] got to be No. 3, I figured it was our acting. When it got to be No. 1, I decided it could only be because none of us wears a bra”

1942 Minnesota: Bathing beaches prior to the low-cut top epidemic

Amazing Dress: India Arie singing with Carlos Santana on The Tonight Show. This is grace!

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Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way

[ BBC video ] “Eat, Fast and Live Longer” with Mike Mosely — When IGF-1 levels drop, the body slows production of new cells and instead, repairs existing cells. DNA damage gets fixed and age-related diseases don’t happen!


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Watch Video Here

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Eat, Fast and Live Longer – Horizon

Did you know reducing IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) by fasting is one of the best ways to reduce weight and stave off life threatening diseases such as cancer and diabetes?

Fasting seems to finally be getting some of the much deserved attention it’s been owed.  There’s still a long way to go but a program recently aired by the BBC entitled ‘Horizon: Eat, Fast and Live Longer’, is creating a lot of new talk about fasting on health forums everywhere.

In the airing, Michael Mosley sets out with a goal of trying to slow the aging process.  He looks at success stories and visits a fair share of institutions that deal specifically with the effects of the body on calorie restriction… aka: “fasting”.

Mosley learns that fasting has benefits that might only otherwise be found by bathing in the legendary Fountain of Youth. …

Key Points Made in Video

From 1929 to 1933, in the darkest years of the great depression when people were eating far less, life expectancy increased by 6 years.

IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1) growth hormone links calorie restriction and longevity and inhibits apoptosis of cells.

When IGF-1 levels drop, the body slows production of new cells and instead, repairs existing cells. DNA damage gets fixed and age-related diseases don’t happen. …

Mosely tried the 5:2 diet and after 5 weeks of the 5:2 diet, IGF-1 was reduced by 50%. Blood sugar (glucose) became normal and good cholesterol was increased. The risk of developing life threatening diseases was greatly reduced, including the top 2; cancer and diabetes.

Here’s a great study that supports the findings of Michael Mosely and the benefits of alternate day fasting. …

One of the fears of fasting is people often believe they’ll lose muscle by not eating frequently.  Meal frequency is a proven myth and books such as Eat Stop Eat Expanded really delve into this. …

Entire Article with Video Here

[ video ] Argentine Horse Whisperer — ONE with a Horse!


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[youtube=]Doma India de Caballos (Martín Tata)

 El Tarito

Published on Apr 29, 2013

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[youtube=]Martin Tata Argentine Horse Whisperer

 David Smith

Uploaded on Apr 25, 2011

Martin Tata, Argentine Horse Whisperer performs at the Estancia La Cinacina, in San Antonio de Areco, province of Buenos Aires in March 2011.

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Doma India International Certificate Course

The Doma India School was first established over 50 years ago in San Luis, Argentina as an innovative horse-taming program based on non-violence and respect for the animal itself. The method consists of reaching a veritable communication between man and horse, without provoking fear or pain, while allowing the tamer to gain its full trust and loyalty.

Through Doma India there is no need for forceful interaction. The tamer must not necessarily be strong or physically privileged. He must, however, be able to tap deeply into the horse’s psyche, and thus learn to teach and train it.

These methods have transcended the equestrian domain and are used as motivation and leadership tools in the business world as well. Research equates the behavior of pack animals, such as horses, with the interaction between staff members in a firm. In both situations, a leader is needed to guide and encourage the entire team in order to achieve a common goal. Horses, in particular, learn through persuasion, and only by knowing their nature, behavior and psychology is it possible to influence them and lead them to excel in any discipline. At the same time, Doma India places priority in imparting pleasure and enjoyable experiences. This is why the method is used today as an important leadership, confidence-building, training and empowerment tool for humans as well. In addition, these objectives fit in a framework of respect for the environment and nature in general, making Doma India not only a course and enjoyable learning experience, but also a philosophy of life.

Entire Article Here


We still a lot of snow in our yard in Anchorage, while I’ve found that the last snow pile is usually totally gone by April 15th. I’ve been guessing that for us, breakup has been delayed about 3 weeks, which is very significant!


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Anchorage Daily News posted Tire Reprieve #1 on April 14:

Studded tire reprieve

Published: April 14, 2009

By Anchorage Daily News

Alaska drivers who had faced a deadline of today to remove their studded tires have gotten a reprieve.

They now have until May 1 to ditch the studs. That’s already the deadline for Sterling Highway communities, Anchorage and points north.

State Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters on Tuesday issued an emergency order to extend the deadline from April 15 to May 1 because of poor road conditions.

Normally, drivers in regions including Kodiak and Southeast Alaska — everything south of 60 degrees north latitude — must have their studs off by April 15.

Anyone driving with studded tires after the deadline can be issued a ticket with a $50 fine for each tire.

Weather continued to be so much colder than normal that ADN then they posted Tire Reprieve #2 on April 30th:

State pushes to May 15 studded tire removal

Published: April 30, 2013

 The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — The state has moved back the deadline to remove studded snow tires.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety says in a release the deadline has been moved to May 15 for all roads in Alaska.

This coming Wednesday was the previous deadline to remove studded tires, but the decision was made to provide safety to drivers on roads in parts of Alaska where winter continues to linger.