We still a lot of snow in our yard in Anchorage, while I’ve found that the last snow pile is usually totally gone by April 15th. I’ve been guessing that for us, breakup has been delayed about 3 weeks, which is very significant!


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Anchorage Daily News posted Tire Reprieve #1 on April 14:

Studded tire reprieve

Published: April 14, 2009

By Anchorage Daily News

Alaska drivers who had faced a deadline of today to remove their studded tires have gotten a reprieve.

They now have until May 1 to ditch the studs. That’s already the deadline for Sterling Highway communities, Anchorage and points north.

State Public Safety Commissioner Joe Masters on Tuesday issued an emergency order to extend the deadline from April 15 to May 1 because of poor road conditions.

Normally, drivers in regions including Kodiak and Southeast Alaska — everything south of 60 degrees north latitude — must have their studs off by April 15.

Anyone driving with studded tires after the deadline can be issued a ticket with a $50 fine for each tire.

Weather continued to be so much colder than normal that ADN then they posted Tire Reprieve #2 on April 30th:

State pushes to May 15 studded tire removal

Published: April 30, 2013

 The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — The state has moved back the deadline to remove studded snow tires.

The Alaska Department of Public Safety says in a release the deadline has been moved to May 15 for all roads in Alaska.

This coming Wednesday was the previous deadline to remove studded tires, but the decision was made to provide safety to drivers on roads in parts of Alaska where winter continues to linger.