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My 6/11/11 Dream: “I forgive you”

This is pretty cool since a main reason I started this blog was to be able to fully forgive everyone 100% of the time from the heart so I could be free without having to pray so much in the Spirit to be free (second half of Matthew 18 with Ephesians 4:26, 27).

On 6/11/11, I had just watched Leif Hetland: Dreams on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural (pretty good, by the way), in which Leif was emphasizing the importance of hearing and following dreams from the Lord — something I had done many times, but not real recently. I went to bed and had a dream:

I was getting ready to work out with light weights in a room, hurrying, because I didn’t have much time, and there was a man in the room. I knew that this man, whom I hadn’t seen for awhile, was bothered by something about me or by what I was doing — probably both. He had been a bully in my life years ago, saying bad things…. He started saying something unkind. I replied, saying something kind of neutral. He then said something really mean. I then simply said: “I forgive you.”

And the conflict was eased. He then said something kind like: “how long has it been?”

So I think God is trying to tell me that I should not just forgive silently, but actually say it to the person….


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  1. WOW … you know ? I have a system that works GREAT for me ….
    I AUTOMATICALLY forgive a person when they attack me or just do me wrong.
    I forgive them for they know not what they do.

    I see them as people being controlled by demonic spirits….
    because if someone LOVES you ? They will not do anything to hurt you.
    BUT ??? If someone hates you ? They will harm you and do things to harm you.

    That is not of GOD but of the devil.

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