Ken Duncan: Why I call this photo “Piercing the Darkness” — “It’s like God revealing His glory … There is hope even in the darkest moments!” | And why Ken prints BIG!

Ken Duncan’s prices have become outrageous — out of the reach of most people. But I’ve always greatly appreciated his perspective on photographing to reveal God’s glory, and then print BIG to greatly affect a room!

…which is what I’m trying to do.


3-minute video presentation

* * *

The Print:
Piercing the Darkness
starting at $1900

* * *

“It’s like God revealing His glory.”

Have it BIG as you can get it,
cause you’ll just fall into it.”

“Hopefully what it will convey to you:
there is hope even in the darkest moments.”

– Ken Duncan

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske


Australian photographer Ken Duncan on LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: “I’m trying to show THE BEAUTY OF GOD’S CREATION and TO BRING PEACE into people’s lives” — “IT’S GOING TO BE MUCH BIGGER, because the more we go down this path of bureaucracy people are wanting peace” — “I’VE LEARNED TO LISTEN to that little voice”

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