Ken Duncan

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Episode #36 of Fine Art Photography Weekly: Ken Duncan

Award winning artist, Ken Duncan is one of the worlds most popular and successful photographers and we are pleased to feature the artist and his work in Episode 36 of Fine Art Photography Weekly. Ken is a master landscape photographer with a preference for the ‘panoramic’ format; Ken feels this format is more consistent with the way we see the world. Despite this preference, Ken dabbles in a multitude of formats and is always pushing the edge of innovation and technology. Ken is Australian and has become famous for his Limited Edition Photographic Art in Australian and around the world.

* * *

“I love landscape. It does something to you. I believe, for me, I’m trying to show the beauty of God’s creation and to bring peace into people’s lives. There’s just something about landscape.

It just helps you sort of chill out a bit. You may have had a bad day. And you know, the news is just like a joke. If it’s not Bin Laden who’s going to get you it’s the global financial crisis. And then there’s some other flu. It’s like ‘give me a break.’

So I think we need a bit more peace. And when I go out to nature and look at the beauty of creation I just realize there is something bigger than us. And thank God for that, because if it was up to politicians we’d be in serious trouble.”

“That was my heart, to really try to promote photography as an art form.”

* * *

[The Host] “I think landscape photography and the art of displaying — or the medium of landscape photography as art on the wall has by a long shot  not reached its potential.”

[Ken Duncan] “It’s going to be much bigger, because the more we go down this path of bureaucracy people are wanting peace. This world is very stressful, and people are doing it tough out there, you know? And so I believe that we have a job to get out there and bring as much in.”

* * *

“I’m an average photographer with a great God. … I’ve learned to listen to that little voice.”


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