should be used to enhance the work of art,
but not to show itself off.”

– Mark Dubovoy

Every once in awhile someone comes along who helps our hearts settle — who gives us an inner knowing, confirming that something we have felt strongly about really is worthwhile to pursue.

Have you felt the forces in this world that try to keep you from being as special as you were meant to be? You feel inside you should push for greatness, but the pressure is so strong and constant to not go higher, which would rattle the mediocre-is-plenty-good-enough atmosphere that tries to keep our standards just medium.

I thought I’d share this interview on my personal blog since Mark Dubovoy has been a breath-of-fresh-air inspiration to me that having a high standard of excellence is beautiful and is right! His love for precision … details … details … is the correct standard that feels so right to me. Excellence is the right goal — and it really is so satisfying and really is fun!

There is joy in a high standard. If peoples’ hearts don’t leap, why do it? Why be just another photographer? But that’s where the pressure wants to keep us.

Mark’s smile confirms that excellence is exciting! There’s joy in this journey. We need to protect our high standard — to not let dark forces make us feel badly at all about pursuing high goals.

Let’s live higher, to inspire others to live higher too!

We’re all special!

To be what we are called to be!

Jeff : )


An important tip from Peter (at minute-42):

The official recommendation is that you can leave the modern image stabilization/vibration reduction on a tripod, because it senses the tripod. It’s not true. Any longer exposure than 1/16th of a second, you get blur in the image because it pings.”

– Peter Urban

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtQM3kSJ0_8]Fine Art Photography Weekly -Episode15 – Technical Cameras with Mark Dubovoy

SmibsTV | January 14, 2011 | 0 likes, 0 dislikes

Peter visits Mark Dubovoy in Palo Alto to talk about his photography and the use of technical cameras for his landscape work.