When I moved to Alaska in 1980, there were only a few things that shocked me. In the grocery stores, the price of milk was double (it no longer is), and the tomatoes were tasteless and not even red. They’re picked when they’re still almost green so they can make the long journey northward by dogsled : )

Many now buy hot house tomatoes. They’re red, but they don’t taste that good either, probably because they’re void of nutrients from NPK fertilizer (nitrogen/phosphorus/potassium – the 3 out of 70 minerals that make crops look good and grow well). Most crops are extremely deficient in nutrients. If veges don’t taste great they’re probably mineral deficient, and probably not that good for you. And this can happen with ‘organic’ products too.

The product I’m recommending here, Bella San Luci Sun Dried Tomatoes is probably also grown with NPK fertilizer, but it’s probably going to pick up more minerals from the rainwater than the hot house tomatoes will. And they can be picked ripe, because transport isn’t a factor. They’re full of flavor.

But the main reason I’m recommending this product is the lack of bisphenol A (BPA), the synthetic female hormone that almost all plastic is made with, which lines almost every ‘tin’ can, which is causing serious physical affects. And the acid in tomatoes leach the BPA from the can lining more than do most foods.

So it’s important to avoid canned tomatoes as much as possible. I still use tomato paste some, but I’m using these sun dried tomatoes more and more. I’m totally avoiding regular canned tomatoes. The average male in America has about half of the testosterone of our ancestors. Fluoridated water, soy, and bovine growth hormone are also factors. But this BPA-in-can-linings one is huge!

These sun dried tomatoes are packed in glass and in olive oil, which is non-GMO. They have a lot of flavor, and are a good bargain price-wise as well – 2 pounds for $7.75.

Highly recommended.

Incidentally, when Costco has them, the small, grape (size) tomatoes actually taste like real tomatoes, in my experience, but they’re spendy, compared to this alternative.



Toxic BPA is present in virtually all canned foods and beverages – and the levels are even higher than in plastic bottles. BPA has been linked to an increase in the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease

Whimping out America! Canned foods are full of sex hormones leached from the plastic linings, made of synthetic estrogen, bisphenol A. “There are 700 published, scientific studies…that the FDA has never gotten around to looking at.”

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