I discovered almost 30 years ago the huge benefits of selenium. I haven’t talked much about it at ToBeFree because the FDA is out to get anyone who claims anything from natural products.

I’ll just say that the soils are deficient in selenium, and the most common fertilizers put only three minerals back into the soil, NPK. And environmental toxins require selenium and other antioxidants to clean them out of the body.

Costco used to have large bottles of Schiff (a real health food store brand that works) selenium for cheap, $6 or $7. We thankfully can still purchase vitamins and minerals over the counter (the FDA and Big Pharma want to control everything — the love of money), but selenium has gone way up in price, especially compared to what this bargain at Costco was.

So I’m mainly taking brewer’s yeast instead, which is high in selenium, B vitamins and other minerals and trace minerals (Just because something is a trace mineral doesn’t mean it’s not essential).

I actually take this mostly: KAL Nutritional Yeast (500 tablets). I won’t say how much I take. The FDA is diabolical — but if you email me I will (email is at About Jeff Fenske, top–right).

Selenium is one of the keys to skin elasticity. See: Selenium: A Trace Mineral With Antiaging Properties

I probably would have gone into some kind of natural healing profession, helping people understand what and how many nutrients to take, but the FDA is like a tiger ready to pounce on anyone not promoting Big Pharma’s mostly reverse-healing practices.

I think sulfur is another key missing ingredient in most people’s diets, and just posted this: Avoid knee surgery — glucosamine plus the same amount of MSM (Schiff states this is the clinically tested amount, and it works!)

I’ve also thought that restaurants could do really well, showcasing foods that have nutrients that people lack.

Why do you think roasted garlic and carmalized onions are used so much in fine restaurants? Someday, I may post my take on Emeril’s roasted garlic mash potatoes recipe.

And why do people crave shellfish? It’s super-high in iodine, but sea kelp is loaded with it, and is much cheaper.

To your health. I get tired of seeing friends deteriorating long before their time, deceived by BIG Pharma’s BIG money lies. They won’t promote anything they can’t make big money in, unless they’re finally shamed into it through the overwhelming evidence, like vitamin D, which many of us knew about 30 years ago.

Jeff : )


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Avoid knee surgery — glucosamine plus the SAME AMOUNT of MSM (Schiff states this is the clinically tested amount, and it works!)

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