[UPDATE: Costco apparently no longer sells Schiff brand, but now has their own brand’s version, Glucosamine HCL 1500mg With MSM 1500mg. It seems to require an additional tablet per day for me to get the same benefit; though, the recommended serving size is still the same. It’s very inexpensive. Big bottle, and is sometimes marked down further in their coupon book.]

I did. About 20 years ago, the doctor told me I had a torn meniscus and I’d have to have surgery. I told him I’d like to try natural stuff. He said, ~”You’ll be back.”

My knee hardly ever bothers me at all. I can do everything with it, including running!

Almost all non-accident surgeries can be avoided through proper nutrition.

And a friend of mine started taking this and his hip incredibly improved, but the versions with less MSM didn’t work.

Schiff® Glucosamine 1,500 mg plus MSM 1,500 mg

Schiff is a real vitamin company. This isn’t generic, white-label junk. It works.

But make sure to get the one that has the same amount of MSM as glucosamine.

MSM is sulfur, by the way, which is REALLY good for you. Don’t avoid the onion, garlic, hot sauce, cabbage, etc..




Dr. Mercola: The Mineral That Helps Fight Fatigue, Stress, Pain, Cancer, and Wrinkles, Too — “With age, the flexible tissues in your body tend to lose their elasticity, leading to sagging and wrinkling of skin, stiff muscles and painful joints. A shortage of sulfur…”

MSM is a breast cancer miracle cure and so much more

Selenium: Costco, “got it while I could” — Skin elasticity key ingredient!

(video) Dr. Joel Wallach: Epigenetics – You Really Are What You Eat! — 1 mg of selenium per day

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