Costco’s Rebate on Blackstone’s Merlot, etc.

Costco is offering a good tasting Merlot wine (made by Blackstone) at an inexpensive price with a hefty rebate, currently: $90/case (of 12) and $24 rebate (apparently unlimited until the offer expires on 11/30).

The wine seems consistently uncorrupted (so often bottles go bad), and has significant tannins, which I consider one of the unsung health benefits of deep red, Cabernet-style wines.


Other items:

The really tasty frozen blueberries I enjoyed so much have been replaced by not so good ones, perhaps tasting badly from too many pesticides. My guess.

Pesticides are high in fluoride, by the way.

The new blueberries’ food value is probably close to nil: the good is countered by the bad. “If it doesn’t taste good it’s not good.”

Kettle Sea Salt potato chips are still good, made with good fats and no MSG. Watch for MSG in their other varieties, which is sometimes labeled as yeast extract.

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Pandora: Jump in SOUND quality — to bless your heart

I’ve been trying to find higher quality streaming music online, and little did I know it was right in front of me — at Pandora.

I thought what if Pandora offers higher quality music to subscribers. And wouldn’t you know, 192kbs instead of maybe 32 — a huge jump in audio sound! HUGE!!!

It’s unfathomable to me that they wouldn’t advertise this feature in plain sight for all to see. Perhaps the hip-hop bee-boppers don’t care. But when it comes to instrumentals it makes all the difference in the world! Now sounds can touch the heart!

For me, anyway, at $36/year ($3/month), this is a no-brainer. No ads. Way better sound. Unlimited listening (free users get only 40 hours).

Go for it!

Also, I’m putting up a link at this site to my Pandora profile, if you want to see what I’m listening to. I’m using all 100 “radio stations” though, which will become more refined in time — especially now that it sounds so much better!

Live in love

: )

I asked God for 10 things I should do

For the first time, I decided to ask God for a longer list of what I should do. This is what I got.


1) “Take time to study.”

2) “Be afraid of no one.”

3) “Let them see your face.”

4) “Tell them the truth.”

5) “Write [a certain man] a letter.”

I never got to points 6-10, as I was so blown away, thinking about #5.


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Glenn Beck: $73 – $225!!


Dena’ina Center
Anchorage, Alaska


Glenn Beck deceives Anchorage Alaska —
$225 tickets to ‘meet and greet’ 9/11-families-hater
on 9/11

Glenn Beck HATES 911 Victim’s Family Members —
“I don’t think anybody in their right mind
is going to say this out loud,

Glenn Becks Says 9/11 Truth Activists Threaten Obama’s Life:
His assigned task is to characterize the movement as violent and dangerous

Murdoch’s mouthpiece: It’s not what Glenn Beck exposes,
it’s the issues he deflects and who he discredits that counts

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My Rush Limbaugh Dream?

This morning, I woke up barely remembering a dream. If I would have awoken sooner, I would be more apt to post it at my at least ONEcanhappen, in addition to here. For now, I’ll just post it here.

In the dream, I was talking with a friend apparently (this is all so vague) about a dream I had. So this was a dream in which we were talking about a dream — possibly a first for me.

We were talking about how in the dream Rush Limbaugh (I’m 95%, but not fully sure it was Rush) went off the radio, and now everything would go down. And I don’t know what things going down meant. There are many options: the economy, the greatest depression, attack by a foreign country (EMP and or nuke), the end of America…?

My first guess is that this is another we-better-get-ready, it-may-come-sooner-than-we-think warning. Or if Rush stays on the air still for many years, that when he does step down, this could be significant.


About 15 years ago, I actually enjoyed listening to Rush at times, and I started regularly watching his TV show. He was exposing some of what was going on in the Clinton administration. But it seemed that he started saying less and less that mattered.

Something happened with Rush in which I believe he sold out to act as though he was standing up for what was right (pun actually not intended, but it works), but was used as cover for the diabolical things the republicans (and also the democrats) were actually doing. He would only expose what was going on on the surface, calling callers idiots who would want to probe deeper, like into the secret societies. He was right-cover for Bush, Jr., during the campaign and for the eight years following. He put down people who would question 9/11.

Rush Limbaugh, in my opinion is one of the most significant personalities who have kept the right (many of whom are evangelicals) in the dark about what is really going on. And I think he totally knows it.

Alex Jones talks about how he was one who was tapped to be bigger than Rush. But they told him up front that he wouldn’t be able to discuss the New World Order, etc. anymore. To Alex’s credit, he refused the lucrative offer. But I think Rush knowingly accepted the offer they made him, and did sell out.

I wrote this in a comment under this post, Not funny: Barack Obama laughs at Wanda Sykes “joke” about wanting Rush Limbaugh dead:

Regarding Rush Limbaugh caller censorship, I should add:

I listened to a taped message many years ago by I’m almost certain was David J. Meyer of The Last Trumpet Newsletter.

He said he heard Bo Snerdley tell Rush this (they didn’t realize the show was on the air): ~”David Rockefeller just called and said we shouldn’t let anyone talk about the New World Order anymore.”

It’s possible that Rush started out with good intentions, but now has become a key disinfo agent for the dark side.

I think Rush Limbaugh knows exactly what is going on, but he took their offer, accepting the mega-million-dollar contracts and all of the fame, maybe thinking that he could at least say some good things. But he ended up going way beyond lying through ommission. He demonized those who were figuring out what was happening, and many of his dittoheads followed him in lock step, believing that Ron Paul supporters and people who think there is a globalist agenda even in the republican party are kooks.

Limbaugh turned many away from the truth, paving the way for Fox News to continue the same.

Suppose Rush Limbaugh’s conscience actually bothered him, and bothers him now, knowing what he’s done. When people don’t have peace with God they’ll often look to other things to get high. Thus Rush’s prescription drug addiction, perhaps? And his frolicking in in the Dominican Republic with Viagra that was listed in his Doctor’s name. When he got caught, he just blew it off — and succeeded by the low morals of his listeners.

I said this in the Wanda Sykes’ article, mentioned above:

What I posted here is mainly the quotes as to what Wanda said, along with a few statements that I totally agree with.

And I’m not defending Rush. He’s one of the main reasons America is going down.

Rush screens out callers who would talk about what is really happening in and to America. He’s paid big bucks to cover up the source of the problem.

Rush, along with FOX News supported President Bush’s immoral, reverse-Christian policies no matter what. Republicans can do know wrong, while in reality, the Bush II Presidency may be the worst we’ve so far experienced. But he did what he was put in there to do by the globalists.

Rush wouldn’t give Ron Paul the time of day. As President, Ron Paul could have turned this country around, fiscally.

Rush was found with Viagra in his luggage; though, he’s not married and claims to be the moral compass of America. He said he wished he could tell how good a time he had on that trip.


I think Rush Limbaugh is a very sick man spiritually. But maybe he knows enough about God’s judgment that someday he’ll come clean and tell the truth and get fired. And maybe this is when things get really, really bad in America, according to my dream.

Maybe Rush will tell the full truth about what is going on, and the awakening among his followers and the Fox News crowd will be so huge that the globalists will have to let out all stops in their destruction of America.

All of us who were speaking out while being ridiculed would be vindicated. But then it will be too late. Because Rush (and the others) took the handout from Satan, the blood money to deceive the public into believing that anyone who believes in conspiracies is a nut case — while Satan was carrying out the conspiracy written out in the Bible.

“We’ll see it with our own eyes,” I believe I just heard.

It’s also possible that Rush could step down for other reasons, and that this is just a timing indicator for us to know that this is when it’s going down.

I don’t know, and my memory of the dream is so vague that I need to be even more skeptical of fully embracing this as truth. But this seems like a possible scenario, and I think I’m remembering the dream fully enough to at least ponder this myself, and put it online for others to consider.

Perhaps the Third Great Awakening will occur, which is largely what ONEcanhappen is about, and nationwide repenting will occur. And Rush will be just one of many who repents, comes clean and tells the truth about his many lies, like in Asbury Revival, 1970: “Dr. Kinlaw, I am a liar. Now what do I do?”

Maybe this is a dream about Rush getting free, and then the end of America or something less catastrophic happening rapidly.

If a large percentage of people would wake up all at once to know what really happened on 9/11, how both the democrats and the republicans are controlled, how our military and CIA is used to bring in the one world government, then they couldn’t deceive us anymore. The people would elect Ron Pauls, and their conspiracy would be thwarted. So that’s when they would drop the hatchet whether they’re fully ready or not.

Perhaps God didn’t want me to remember this dream better. This isn’t a case of me not remembering because I didn’t make myself write it down soon enough. I just didn’t wake up soon enough after the dream ended to remember it with greater clarity.

So perhaps this is just supposed to be a warning that we just put in the slight-to-somewhat probability category, to put it in our seed boxes to see if it sprouts later.

I think God wants us to wake from our slumber to get the Third Great Awakening happening now, while we still have free speech and the internet. Imagine going through what may be utter devastations without being one with God and each other, having blown our chance.

I could really use your help, you all. I think this dream is another call to get serious. The more of us who are doing our parts the quicker the Third Great Awaking will occur. Then no matter what happens, we’ll be ready, and others will have had their chance to become right with and be filled with God also.


Jeff Fenske

[videos] Charlie Waite: Watch what can be done with a compact camera | The LX5 to replace my G11?

I thought I’d put this post together with these inspiring Charlie Waite videos in celebration of compact cameras, and to announce that I may be mostly departing from Canon compacts (my G11 and G10) in favor of the just-released Panasonic Lumix LX5.

Yesterday, I discovered this beautiful video in which Charlie Waite, one of the many photographers whom I’ve learned from, demonstrating what a joy it is to shoot this little gem; though, he says it won’t replace his Hasselblad, just like it won’t replace my Canon 5D Mark II.

“While it will never replace my other cameras,
I’ll certainly always have a space for a compact camera
at the ready in my  pocket.”

– Charlie Waite, master of composition and light

Transcribed by myself from the last video, below

This is a promo that doesn’t feel like a promo, opening the eyes of the heart!

[youtube=]Lumix LX5 getestet von Charlie Waite

panasonic | August 30, 2010

And here is Charlie shooting with a variety of compact cameras, including the LX3 (the LX5’s predecessor):

[youtube=]Charlie Waite ‘Travelling Light’ Trailer

environmentfilms | March 22, 2010

Were pleased to announce that Travelling Light, our brand new DVD presented by leading landscape photographer, Charlie Waite is now available and, not only that, but friends of Environment Films can enjoy a special discounted rate of £12.00.

The one-hour film documents Charlie as he explores some of Southern Englands most charming locations, celebrating the landscape through his lens. Experimenting with a selection of popular digital cameras, Charlie proves that stunning images neednt be exclusive to larger cameras and that creativity and seeing is the key to successful photography.

Travelling Light is the first in a new series brought to you by Environment Films and Light and Land Publishing. Two more films, featuring different photographers will be available later this year.

Here are what seem to be more portions of this film:

Compact digital travel photography: colour and angles

Compact digital travel photography: choosing your subject

Compact digital travel photography: composition

Compact digital travel photography: portraits and perspective

Compact digital travel photography: editing and presentation

I was really hoping to fully stay with Canon, but the G12 doesn’t look like it’s going to be what I was looking for. I’ll really dread losing some of the long end reach, but the LX5 (Panasonic’s description) has a wider and faster lens, and is smaller.

It also has an aspect mode switch which isn’t at all a deal breaker for me, but will be great fun! This is a wonderful educational tool in which its unique sensor encourages shooters to choose the aspect ratio during shooting, instead of later, in the digital darkroom.

[Tech stuff, if you’re interested: the center of the sensor is actually wider than others, which results in 3:2 and 16:9 images that have more pixels. More of the lens is being used, so the field of view is also wider.

Here is a diagram of how the LX3 and now LX5 do it. I’m hoping that this new Leica lens doesn’t need as much barrel correction in software that the LX3’s lens needed, which actually lost 2MP in the process, which Panny actually lied about [we have to be so careful in these ‘wild world’ days]. I’m really hoping this new lens design corrected this problem, but I haven’t found a definitive answer so far.]

If there aren’t any disheartening surprises after it arrives in a few days, I’ll still be shooting the majority of my fine-art images (to be printed big) with the Canon 5D2, but I absolutely love shooting compact cameras, which can be so easily carried. Probably more than half of the images on this site were shot with the G10 and G11.

I’m also looking closely at the micro 4/3rds system. Such a camera would allow even wider angle and longer telephoto shooting, while having a bigger sensor that has bigger pixels. Perhaps someday….

Jeff : )


First major LX5 review published … if you’re looking to buy a high quality compact camera: Group test: Canon Powershot S95, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5, Nikon Coolpix P7000