Costco’s Rebate on Blackstone’s Merlot, etc.

Costco is offering a good tasting Merlot wine (made by Blackstone) at an inexpensive price with a hefty rebate, currently: $90/case (of 12) and $24 rebate (apparently unlimited until the offer expires on 11/30).

The wine seems consistently uncorrupted (so often bottles go bad), and has significant tannins, which I consider one of the unsung health benefits of deep red, Cabernet-style wines.


Other items:

The really tasty frozen blueberries I enjoyed so much have been replaced by not so good ones, perhaps tasting badly from too many pesticides. My guess.

Pesticides are high in fluoride, by the way.

The new blueberries’ food value is probably close to nil: the good is countered by the bad. “If it doesn’t taste good it’s not good.”

Kettle Sea Salt potato chips are still good, made with good fats and no MSG. Watch for MSG in their other varieties, which is sometimes labeled as yeast extract.

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2 thoughts on “Costco’s Rebate on Blackstone’s Merlot, etc.

    1. Jeff Fenske


      I’m glad. Hope your trip went well.

      Speaking of Costco. I just got some “get ’em while you can” Costco eyeglasses: frames and AR coated lenses for $100!

      Costco rocks! Not according to Kathryn Albrecht though, who doesn’t like how Costco forever keeps records of every purchase. She’ll be on ‘Coast to Coast Am’ in a few minutes.

      I’m not totally abandoning white yet, though.

      And I’m not turning into Elton John. First time ever I’m having two differing styles.

      Jeff : )

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