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Pandora: Jump in SOUND quality — to bless your heart

I’ve been trying to find higher quality streaming music online, and little did I know it was right in front of me — at Pandora.

I thought what if Pandora offers higher quality music to subscribers. And wouldn’t you know, 192kbs instead of maybe 32 — a huge jump in audio sound! HUGE!!!

It’s unfathomable to me that they wouldn’t advertise this feature in plain sight for all to see. Perhaps the hip-hop bee-boppers don’t care. But when it comes to instrumentals it makes all the difference in the world! Now sounds can touch the heart!

For me, anyway, at $36/year ($3/month), this is a no-brainer. No ads. Way better sound. Unlimited listening (free users get only 40 hours).

Go for it!

Also, I’m putting up a link at this site to my Pandora profile, if you want to see what I’m listening to. I’m using all 100 “radio stations” though, which will become more refined in time — especially now that it sounds so much better!

Live in love

: )


The Arch — Pinpointing Flattop


Abbott Loop’s Sign


  1. Rich

    JEFF!! You’ve just found Pandora? Its too bad you didn’t know about them sooner. I love the variety of music that is available at your finger tips. My favorite station is Israel ‘IZ’ Kamakawiwo’ole. I love Hawaiian music. Just like visiting Hawaii it really takes me to a quite peaceful place. The two times we have visited Hawaii I have been at such peace with everything and find it a very spiritual, healing place. I can’t fully explain it but look forward to going there again as soon as we leave after a weeks vacation.

    ANYWAY…. glad you found it!! ENJOY!!

    • Jeff Fenske


      I’m not new to Pandora. I just couldn’t get excited about it with the sound quality being so poor. Subscribing makes all the difference in the world when it comes to instrumental and ‘new age’ music, which I like the most.

      So now I’m a real fan. Low-fi music has done a huge disservice to humanity, when instruments don’t bloom with their intricacies. I can cry again in higher-fi; though, it’s still not real hi-fi. Speaking of crying…

      My favorite brother IZ song is Hawai’i 78. Someone at work left a CD in the player that had this song on it. I can’t recall a song that makes me cry more easily. Brother IZ must have really been a special person.

      I was born in Hawaii, my Dad being stationed there. When I visited about 20 years ago, I thought I’m not going back here unless I’d be married. I just had too much trouble with the bikinis. It wasn’t very healing for me. It was like war — that I was losing.

      I’ve thought recently about visiting in order to take some macro flower shots. I think I could handle the UFOs now (unclad female objects), because I’m a lot stronger and more dedicated to taking total control over my eyes. I still have no immediate plans to go, though.

      Flying standby isn’t what it used to be for us, either. It used to be so easy to get on.

      God bless!

      Jeff : )

  2. Benrickson

    I subscribed to Pandora about three months ago and I like it better than even XM. Someday I might get a iPhone or Android and stream it at work.

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