From anger to forgiveness: My REI example today

I’ve stated in this blog that I’ve wanted to share some of my journey in trying to learn how to totally forgive everyone, all of the time. Today was a good example.

I was turning left at the stop light, right next to REI in Anchorage, where I was going to look at 29er mountain bikes.

I had to wait for the oncoming traffic to make the turn, but since I was first in line, I pulled partway into the street I was turning onto, as one vehicle is allowed to turn as the light changes from green to yellow, and even to red, if one has to wait that long.

Well I did have to. The last car coming my way may have even unsuccessfully tried to run the yellow light. So after he passed, I turned left from the two way road into the lane nearest me (the left lane) of the one-way.

As I turned, the motor cycle behind me leapfrogged around me (to my left in this single lane!), clearly intentionally running the red light — because he was behind me until the light turned red, fully in the road we were turning from.

I got mad. And I noticed that I was angry. Though, I didn’t say or think any bad words, nor did I silently wish anything evil towards him, I was just angry inside towards this guy who blatantly ignored the rule of law that is for our own safety, and so we can be a civil community.

But I realized it, recognizing that it’s wrong for me to get so upset. And it’s not my right to especially stay upset.

So I thought, I’m out of line here. I’m not supposed to withhold love towards a guy illegally leapfrogged me. It’s not my business to punish him in my heart by refusing to love.

I actually thought: it’s God’s job to deal with him, not mine.

And so I just let it go, dropped the bad feelings, and was going to hold the door open for the man who had also turned into REI — ahead of me : )

But he was about 25 feet behind me, so it would have seemed strange to hold the door that long….

But I did good, you all!

And I did buy a 29er. I may have even gotten a key lead as to something that will help my business!!!

This is just a tiny example, but it reminded me of a more serious situation I had encountered previously. And if I would have love that person no matter what just like I did this person….

Well, I’m sure I’ll have many more chances like this, and far more serious. And I hope to get my heart right even sooner next time, maybe not getting it out of kilter at all, from the get-go!

I’ve always liked REI. I’ve been a member since the ’70s.


Jeff : )


Angry? Check Your Stomach: Tour de France Example, Andy Schleck: “My STOMACH is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge.” — He later forgave Alberto Contador, but here is the point…

I’m taking back my personal blog… It’s time to get serious!


This is my official announcement that I’m taking back this blog. I kind of loaned it out to my friends at what was NWA Cargo, Anchorage. I’ll leave all of these nostalgic photos up. Everyone is always welcome to visit and copy the photos as long as they’re not used for profit.

I’m going to try to now continue with what I first intended this blog to be.

My original idea was to actually share some of what I was up to personally, partly as an incentive to achieve some of my goals, like being able to forgive everyone from my entire heart, nonstop, fully.

Part of what happened is that I didn’t get any feedback on the forgiving thing — none. I was really kind of shocked, especially because none of my blogs require commenters giving any information at all. You can be totally anonymous if you’d like. The main thing for me is to get the feedback, which helps me progress. And I consider this stuff very important in order to be able to overcome in what really may be the “last days.”

We really may see the end of this country very soon. They’ve been hitting us from every possible angle for decades now. While the people were amusing themselves, the Satanically led globalists were systematically orchestrating the delusion, locking people into the matrix.

I spell this out in my ToBeFree site. I encourage people to look at what I’ve put thousands of hours into compiling, while it’s still available Chuck Baldwin: The Internet Must Remain Free — “Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley. It’s pretty much all there. If you want to know what really happened, it’s there.

ToBeFree also encourages us to live like free men and women no matter what. And ONEcanhappen takes it to another level, into freedom from the dark side within.

Many have been caught up in the Matrix. Many have succumbed to temptations and the so many deceptions. But it’s never too late to get out! And get out we must!

We may very well soon see the day (everything is in place) in which we’ll have to decide whether we’ll take the chip (which apparently also involves agreeing to worship the evil one), or we won’t be able to buy and sell, and the Bible says we’ll lose our heads.

Are you ready to be a martyr for Christ, losing your head so you can save your soul? Are you spiritually strong enough to do whatever it takes to keep your salvation. Many need to commit now: “I will never take the mark. I will obey.” Some need to step up: “Where do I sign up? I will follow you, Jesus, no matter what.”

It’s time to get serious. They’re talking about taking away the internet. Why don’t they just keep their secure data off of the net, I ask? But it’s Problem > Reaction > Solution. They create the problem, so we react and let them bring in their solution. They can’t allow us to have free discourse among ourselves globally. We might defeat their plans otherwise. Too many people are waking up to their devices. They need to pull the plug. And the compromised politicians will pass it into law, totally unconstitutionally.

We’re letting it happen, and who could think it could happen this fast?

“America’s Getting Jacked” is one of my categories at ToBeFree. Look at all the ways we’re getting jacked:

GMO food

fluoridated water (which lowers IQ and pacifies)

tainted and too many vaccines

fake pandemics

lies everywhere

intentionally leaving the border open (Bush absolutely intentionally did it too. It’s all at ToBeFree);
the propaganda — Fox News — the tremendous media bias — putting down 9/11 truthers as unpatriotic

TOTAL 9/11 truth blackout (very significant. Had they not, we’d probably still be free)

intentional destruction of the dollar

the corporate $$$bailouts$$$

unreported globalization meetings

buying and turning the Christian record companies

pushing only sub-Biblical ‘Christianity

record companies and the radio pushing the worst music in all genres, including country, pop, rock and rap, with sex, drugs, power over men who are all stupid, even hate the major themes

globalist wars they got US to fight (which take out regimes that would oppose the one-world government)

CIA torture, assassinations, drug running (also proven at ToBeFree)

really-naked body scanners starting at the airports

cooking figures to use the global warming exaggeration to get the global carbon tax

using Sarah Palin to try to get their not-really-mavericks in

partial nudity all over regular TV

conveniently accessible porn

drug companies pushing $$$drugs$$$ that usually don’t cure disease and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, while they’re trying to regulate natural vitamins minerals and herbs which actually do cure many diseases (but they’ll prosecute if you use the word ‘cure.’ Ask fearless Kevin Trudeau)

they make spanking one’s children almost illegal

Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, BP oil disaster, illegal immigration, flu pandemic, etc.: “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel

use of fear: “Be fearful, everyone, so we can implement our police state”

President Bush unconstitutionally recording all phone conversations and emails

Jay Rockefeller, Lieberman and Obama on turning off the internet as we know it

taking over the Tea Parties

the Glenn Beck/Fox News deception

pushing sports and celebrities as diversions

lower wages through inflation and no pay raises

loss of jobs

NAFTA, GATT etc. encouraging exportation of jobs

no tariffs

not letting 3rd party candidates into Presidential debates

the media (including ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox) poisoning people against Ron Paul in 2008

etc.. [What did I leave out?]

All of this stuff is intentional, and the sad part is that most people aren’t waking up until it’s now too late to reverse what’s coming.

We still may be able to slow it down. I’m still no slouch, you all. I haven’t stopped posting about what’s going on. My main motivation, now, at ToBeFree is to help people see what’s going on. But we can still have an effect on the speed of the decline, I believe.

We don’t have much time to get our act together. And maybe, if we do, God will even spare us from some of what is to come.

I don’t believe the pre-trib rapture can be proven biblically, but if there is one, certainly, only those people who are right with God and all people will go. And maybe God will bless our local communities if we come together and are truly ONE [the main theme at ONEcanhappen], no more excuses and procrastinating. We don’t have much time.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail,” John Wooden.

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I recently discovered Personas for Firefox

I recently discovered how Personas can dress up a Firefox web browsers. I use both Firefox and Safari.

I won’t point you to their main page, because as do so many things today, it suffers badly from the low-cut-top epidemic. This is the scenery theme page. If you’re in Firefox, just put your mouse over the different personas and see how they colorize your browser.

Bora Bora Island – Tahiti is my current favorite, having looked at only a few of the 137 pages of scenery personas. It’s giving me the feel I’m looking for. It has a calm, warm stripe on top that complements the blues and aquas of the image itself.

It’s amazing how colors affect mood, which is one of the main reasons I so greatly like photography, how glorious images can inspire people’s hearts, 24/7.


jeff : )

“Magnificent Seven Theme” (((Stereo))) — Let’s Ride Together In Love Against Witchcraft, MAGNIFICENTLY — Until ‘ONE’ Happens!

I’ve always loved this song: OVERCOME no matter what!! TOGETHER, we can do it — no matter what happens! They can’t take our soul if we stay together in the LIGHT, fighting darkness!

I saw the movie for maybe the first time a few days ago, as it came out just 3 years after I was born. Seven guys get together to free the poor farmers from the oppressors!

Alone, they couldn’t have done it, but together…!!!!!!!

Awesome! We need to ride again, this time without guns, standing up for what’s right, against the dark side — bringing in the LIGHT!

It’s not too late. ONE can happen, today!

Fight the GOOD fight!

To Be Free : )


Lets Ride


[youtube=]The Magnificent Seven – Elmer Bernstein

Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops Orchestra

Elmer Bernstein wrote the theme songs or other music for more than 200 films and TV shows

[youtube=]Magnificent Seven Theme


U2 — ‘Magnificent’ Live on Letterman!!!!!!! “Till we die, you and I will magnify The Magnificent!”