From anger to forgiveness: My REI example today

I’ve stated in this blog that I’ve wanted to share some of my journey in trying to learn how to totally forgive everyone, all of the time. Today was a good example.

I was turning left at the stop light, right next to REI in Anchorage, where I was going to look at 29er mountain bikes.

I had to wait for the oncoming traffic to make the turn, but since I was first in line, I pulled partway into the street I was turning onto, as one vehicle is allowed to turn as the light changes from green to yellow, and even to red, if one has to wait that long.

Well I did have to. The last car coming my way may have even unsuccessfully tried to run the yellow light. So after he passed, I turned left from the two way road into the lane nearest me (the left lane) of the one-way.

As I turned, the motor cycle behind me leapfrogged around me (to my left in this single lane!), clearly intentionally running the red light — because he was behind me until the light turned red, fully in the road we were turning from.

I got mad. And I noticed that I was angry. Though, I didn’t say or think any bad words, nor did I silently wish anything evil towards him, I was just angry inside towards this guy who blatantly ignored the rule of law that is for our own safety, and so we can be a civil community.

But I realized it, recognizing that it’s wrong for me to get so upset. And it’s not my right to especially stay upset.

So I thought, I’m out of line here. I’m not supposed to withhold love towards a guy illegally leapfrogged me. It’s not my business to punish him in my heart by refusing to love.

I actually thought: it’s God’s job to deal with him, not mine.

And so I just let it go, dropped the bad feelings, and was going to hold the door open for the man who had also turned into REI — ahead of me : )

But he was about 25 feet behind me, so it would have seemed strange to hold the door that long….

But I did good, you all!

And I did buy a 29er. I may have even gotten a key lead as to something that will help my business!!!

This is just a tiny example, but it reminded me of a more serious situation I had encountered previously. And if I would have love that person no matter what just like I did this person….

Well, I’m sure I’ll have many more chances like this, and far more serious. And I hope to get my heart right even sooner next time, maybe not getting it out of kilter at all, from the get-go!

I’ve always liked REI. I’ve been a member since the ’70s.


Jeff : )


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