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I’m taking back my personal blog… It’s time to get serious!


This is my official announcement that I’m taking back this blog. I kind of loaned it out to my friends at what was NWA Cargo, Anchorage. I’ll leave all of these nostalgic photos up. Everyone is always welcome to visit and copy the photos as long as they’re not used for profit.

I’m going to try to now continue with what I first intended this blog to be.

My original idea was to actually share some of what I was up to personally, partly as an incentive to achieve some of my goals, like being able to forgive everyone from my entire heart, nonstop, fully.

Part of what happened is that I didn’t get any feedback on the forgiving thing — none. I was really kind of shocked, especially because none of my blogs require commenters giving any information at all. You can be totally anonymous if you’d like. The main thing for me is to get the feedback, which helps me progress. And I consider this stuff very important in order to be able to overcome in what really may be the “last days.”

We really may see the end of this country very soon. They’ve been hitting us from every possible angle for decades now. While the people were amusing themselves, the Satanically led globalists were systematically orchestrating the delusion, locking people into the matrix.

I spell this out in my ToBeFree site. I encourage people to look at what I’ve put thousands of hours into compiling, while it’s still available Chuck Baldwin: The Internet Must Remain Free — “Right now China, the government, can disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war and we need to have that here too,” Lieberman told CNN’s Candy Crowley. It’s pretty much all there. If you want to know what really happened, it’s there.

ToBeFree also encourages us to live like free men and women no matter what. And ONEcanhappen takes it to another level, into freedom from the dark side within.

Many have been caught up in the Matrix. Many have succumbed to temptations and the so many deceptions. But it’s never too late to get out! And get out we must!

We may very well soon see the day (everything is in place) in which we’ll have to decide whether we’ll take the chip (which apparently also involves agreeing to worship the evil one), or we won’t be able to buy and sell, and the Bible says we’ll lose our heads.

Are you ready to be a martyr for Christ, losing your head so you can save your soul? Are you spiritually strong enough to do whatever it takes to keep your salvation. Many need to commit now: “I will never take the mark. I will obey.” Some need to step up: “Where do I sign up? I will follow you, Jesus, no matter what.”

It’s time to get serious. They’re talking about taking away the internet. Why don’t they just keep their secure data off of the net, I ask? But it’s Problem > Reaction > Solution. They create the problem, so we react and let them bring in their solution. They can’t allow us to have free discourse among ourselves globally. We might defeat their plans otherwise. Too many people are waking up to their devices. They need to pull the plug. And the compromised politicians will pass it into law, totally unconstitutionally.

We’re letting it happen, and who could think it could happen this fast?

“America’s Getting Jacked” is one of my categories at ToBeFree. Look at all the ways we’re getting jacked:

GMO food

fluoridated water (which lowers IQ and pacifies)

tainted and too many vaccines

fake pandemics

lies everywhere

intentionally leaving the border open (Bush absolutely intentionally did it too. It’s all at ToBeFree);
the propaganda — Fox News — the tremendous media bias — putting down 9/11 truthers as unpatriotic

TOTAL 9/11 truth blackout (very significant. Had they not, we’d probably still be free)

intentional destruction of the dollar

the corporate $$$bailouts$$$

unreported globalization meetings

buying and turning the Christian record companies

pushing only sub-Biblical ‘Christianity

record companies and the radio pushing the worst music in all genres, including country, pop, rock and rap, with sex, drugs, power over men who are all stupid, even hate the major themes

globalist wars they got US to fight (which take out regimes that would oppose the one-world government)

CIA torture, assassinations, drug running (also proven at ToBeFree)

really-naked body scanners starting at the airports

cooking figures to use the global warming exaggeration to get the global carbon tax

using Sarah Palin to try to get their not-really-mavericks in

partial nudity all over regular TV

conveniently accessible porn

drug companies pushing $$$drugs$$$ that usually don’t cure disease and kill hundreds of thousands of Americans every year, while they’re trying to regulate natural vitamins minerals and herbs which actually do cure many diseases (but they’ll prosecute if you use the word ‘cure.’ Ask fearless Kevin Trudeau)

they make spanking one’s children almost illegal

Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, BP oil disaster, illegal immigration, flu pandemic, etc.: “You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste,” Rahm Emanuel

use of fear: “Be fearful, everyone, so we can implement our police state”

President Bush unconstitutionally recording all phone conversations and emails

Jay Rockefeller, Lieberman and Obama on turning off the internet as we know it

taking over the Tea Parties

the Glenn Beck/Fox News deception

pushing sports and celebrities as diversions

lower wages through inflation and no pay raises

loss of jobs

NAFTA, GATT etc. encouraging exportation of jobs

no tariffs

not letting 3rd party candidates into Presidential debates

the media (including ‘Fair and Balanced’ Fox) poisoning people against Ron Paul in 2008

etc.. [What did I leave out?]

All of this stuff is intentional, and the sad part is that most people aren’t waking up until it’s now too late to reverse what’s coming.

We still may be able to slow it down. I’m still no slouch, you all. I haven’t stopped posting about what’s going on. My main motivation, now, at ToBeFree is to help people see what’s going on. But we can still have an effect on the speed of the decline, I believe.

We don’t have much time to get our act together. And maybe, if we do, God will even spare us from some of what is to come.

I don’t believe the pre-trib rapture can be proven biblically, but if there is one, certainly, only those people who are right with God and all people will go. And maybe God will bless our local communities if we come together and are truly ONE [the main theme at ONEcanhappen], no more excuses and procrastinating. We don’t have much time.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail,” John Wooden.

If we’ve hurt anyone, we need to get right with them now. My contact info is in my “About Jeff Fenske” post (top right on every page), if you want to contact me for any reason. We need to be clean, set apart.

My Who-Goes-To-Heaven Scriptures — Narrow is the Way article has been online since 1/14/08, and it’s been #1 at Google for about a year if you type in <who goes to heaven>. I’m offering $3,000 to anyone who can refute it. And nobody can. But hardly anyone is teaching this truth. We’re going to be accountable to what is true, what the Word of God really says, not what we’ve been taught it says.

How can regular guys like myself study and hear from God to figure out what is totally the opposite of what now is mainstream? I think it’s largely because Luther didn’t get it, drawing conclusions mainly from Paul’s introductions. And people have been wearing Lutheranish glasses ever since — as loved ones and controllers pray (James-3 curse) that people accept the once-saved-always-saved (or similar), totally unbiblical concept.

If you’re convinced I’m wrong, prove it, and I’ll give you $3,000. I’m a truther. I want to know what’s right no matter what it is. That’s how I operate on all of these sites. I hope it’s evident.

Why will guys spend thousands of hours watching and thinking about sports or whatever but not be willing to make sure what the Bible really says about who goes to heaven?

What is a man? Someone who can accurately throw a ball? Is that what we’re called to do and be? Or are we called to be those who get thrilled watching someone else skillfully catches or runs with a ball — while we lose our country by stealth — and now openly?

I’m pointing the finger at the guys, because the guys are supposed to be the spiritual leaders. They bear the biggest responsibility. But many have given up trying, succumbing to the put-downs of men by so many women in society, led by the globalist propaganda. See my category at ToBeFree called “The Purpose of Feminism.”

Women should find out for themselves too, whether they’re going to heaven or not. But at the very least, please encourage the guys to take up their cross and follow Christ, doing their job to lead spiritually in the homes, which includes figuring out what is wrong and right, and doesn’t include betting on and living for football games — or for other relatively meaningless passtimes.

That doesn’t mean we should never watch sports. I’m watching the Tour de France, but where is our heart, while our world is crumbling? What are our priorities?

Soon, we won’t have any hobbies. We’ll be in survival mode. And if I’m wrong, consider this:  Gerald Celente: “If you prepare for the worst and nothing happens…”.

And also, if I’m wrong, what harm can come if we do what we’re supposed to do spiritually, anyway, and we all become right with each other and God. Then God can show up to such a degree that we’ll all be filled with the Spirit all of the time, and I think it’s possible we can get to where we’ll never have to worry again, no matter what!

What are we waiting for? I just don’t get it. I get frustrated, because it really shouldn’t be that hard. It starts by doing the little things we know we are supposed to do — like calling and apologizing — just doing what we know we should be doing.

We need to follow our hearts and the Still Small Voice. If we’re hearing more than one voice, then our hearts are probably partly dark. If we let them in through willfully sinning, the dark promptings and voices from actual demons will fight against the good. They’ll say: “I (often speaking in the first-person) don’t have to get right with those people I’ve hurt. I’m okay, no problem.”

Demons don’t want revival, a permanent Asbury. They don’t want God to show up. The LIGHT makes them squirm. But we want revival, right?

By the way, if you could use some musical encouragement from someone who was the real thing, watch these amazing songs that you won’t hear on K-Love: [1978 concert video] Keith Green debunked LUTHER’S FALSE SALVATION DOCTRINE that’s now MAINSTREAM in America. Let’s get it right!

Are we willing to pay the price now, so we’ll have real Christian community when things get really bad?

Why would we not do what we know we’re supposed to do? Fear of man — or maybe not enough fear of God?

Church leaders have reasoned away the fear of God. But it applied to Paul, so why not us? “Work out your salvation with fear and trembling,” Paul said. If “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” how wise can today’s ‘Christians’ be who don’t even believe the fear of the Lord applies to them? If one doesn’t have the beginning of wisdom….

Most ‘Christians’ can’t worship God with a clean heart, in Spirit and in truth, when they’re worshiping God’s creation on TV. Isn’t that what Romans 1 says: they worshiped the creation instead of the Creator? What have we done? And then the ‘church’ blames the homosexuals for the fall of America, when it’s the ‘church’ that dropped the ball. In Romans 1, homosexuality is a result of worshiping the creation instead of the Creator, which is what much of the ‘church’ is doing.

Willfully lusting ‘Christians’ point their fingers at those who have been hurt by society, blaming them instead accepting their own responsibility — unwilling to take the plank out of their own eyes so they can see clearly to take the speck out of their neighbors’ — to walk in love — which is what we are supposed to be. They’ll know us by our love!

Why are so many devoting their lives to things like football when they should be figuring out what is going on, seeking God as to what to do? “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

At first, it may not be easy to reconcile with your brothers and sisters. But once you get the beautiful ball rolling…. Consider the excitement of the young lady at Asbury. “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble!

Everyone deserves to be this happy!

Do you want to feel God’s presence again (or for the first time), to feel clean inside and full of life? Do you want to be full of God? Do you want to be beautiful throughout? God will give you grace as you do what you know you should, step by step.

It’s automatic, an absolute. We can count on it. God said it, He’ll do it: “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” We can rest in God, trusting Him that when we do what’s right we’ll feel right. The demons will flee. Randy Stonehill: “Shut De Do, Keep Out De Devil”

Shut de do, keep out de devil
Shut de do, keep de devil in the night.
Shut de do, keep out de devil
Light de candle, everything is alright

Light de candle, everything is alright

Take up your cross and follow Him. That’s where FREEDOM is! There is no real life in what the world offers. It’s all a cheap substitute that leads to death eternal, apart from God where there is no longer any protection from the demons who torture people in Hell, 24/7, forever, no lunch breaks, no hope….

Compare the above lyrics to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Puppets are those who have obeyed the dark lord master to exit light, enter night, as Metallica calls for in another of their Satanic evangelism alter calls, “Enter Sandman.” Here’s the beginning of “Master of Puppets.”

End of passion play, crumbling away
I’m your source of self-destruction
Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear
Feeding on your death’s construction
Taste me you will see
More is all you need
You’re dedicated to
How I’m killing you

Come crawling faster (faster)
Obey your master (master)
Your life burns faster (faster)
Obey your master (master)
Master, master

Master of Puppets I’m pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can’t see a thing
Just call my name, ’cause I’ll hear you scream
Master, master

The very popular Exit light, enter night is the exact opposite of Shut de do, keep out de devil, which hardly even makes it on Christian radio.

The only way to be free internally is to shut the door to willful sin, so we don’t give the Devil a place (Ephesians 4). Then if we stay clean, no matter what we have to deal with here on earth will be totally worth our reward that we will experience with each other and with God in heaven — where there will be no more tears.

We should consider our own personal strategies for overcoming every day. What will we take out of our lives, and what will we bring into our lives? How can we be more Christlike?

“Those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God?” (Rom. 8) If we’re not led by the Spirit, then whose children are we?

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” (Mt. 5) If we’re not truly peacemakers, can we be God’s children?

“Those who are Christ’s have crucified their flesh.” (Gal. 5) If we haven’t crucified our flesh, if we’re instead in the who-will-not-inherit-the-kingdom list in Galatians 5, we can’t be really Christ’s, no matter what K-Love says over and over and over…. Or no matter what the Catholic church says, for those of you who are Catholics.

We won’t be able to blame the clergy; though, they’re very responsible. We should all know better, those who have been born-again, 1 John 2:27 says

“As for you, the anointing which you received from him remains in you, and you don’t need for anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is no lie, and even as it taught you, you will remain in him.”

‘Christians’ know what to do, but we’re only real and joyous Christians when we abide in Him (John 15).

Please look at those scriptures in the header at the top of ONEcanhappen. That’s what the church should look like. Until it does it’s not really the church. How can a church be a church without even openly pursuing God’s clearly-written-out goals?

We’ve been selling ourselves short. We could have such joy and love right now. We could be setting an example for the whole world: Rethinking Matthew 24: “…then the end will come” — after the Pete Townshends “know”?

Jesus said that when we’re ONE with each other in Him, “then the world will know.” This is a major motivation for me. How can we not love men and women in this earth enough to be willing to let them die before they saw real Christianity happen? People have a right to see the real thing. Then they can knowingly,with awareness choose which way they will go. Now they see the ‘church’ and shudder, and want to run the other way. This should not be.

I’m on Gordon Lightfoot’s mailing list right now, not because I want to attend a concert (he probably won’t come to Alaska), but each concert announcement is a reminder of another day that goes by in which he hasn’t seen the real church in action. And he’s almost died already, his remaining days may not be many.

Sorry for going so long
I think I here now said what’s on my heart. If I don’t speak for awhile I can have a lot to say. So the plan is now to speak more often, and I so hope that some of you will respond, whether you give a real name or not. And I don’t need your email address either; though, there is a box for it. No info is required, but participation is greatly appreciated.

I don’t even mind if you call yourself by a guy’s name, though you’re not, and you know me. Someday, if you come up to me and say: “I was so and so….” I hope and really think that I will be gracious and bless you with my response, thanking you for participating and helping us all work through this stuff.

We need dialogue. And we also need to have a forgiving and soft heart toward anyone who has hurt us. If someone apologizes to us and we can wholeheartedly say: “I forgive you; thanks so much for coming clean,” it will make is so much easier for them to come clean. This is love.

We need to set an atmosphere conducive to revival. And when we build it He will come — guaranteed.

I believe we’ll see a permanent Asbury, and even beyond, where everyone is healed not just spiritually, but physically too. Which should be another motivation.

When we see severely sick people around us and know we don’t have faith to lay hands on them and see them healed, we do know that when the body of Christ is ONE, each doing their own part (1 Cor. 12), many miracles will take place that usually won’t now. See: Another Reason To Be Holy: Purity Attracts Angels (Filth Repells) | The Coming Healing Revival: meetings in which people come and soak in God’s presence and just about everyone is healed!

How can we not want that, and be willing to work for that? There are so many great reasons to do our parts day by day until we see real revival happen in our midst. We can lead the world!

This isn’t just about going to heaven. Wanting to go to heaven is a biblical motivation; it’s a right motivation that still helps me a lot. But we should pursue God and righteousness for other reasons too. How about wanting to be fully happy, booming from the inside with joy!

“Loving our neighbors as ourselves” includes loving ourselves. We should want ourselves and others to be happy now and eternally, including the Iraqis, by the way.

I still think the evangelical ‘church’ should publicly repent for supporting the Bush wars, especially when we learn what the real agenda was for both. To the degree that a person publicly supported and even pushed the war is probably the degree the ‘Christian’ should publicly repent. And this includes pastors. How can pastors keep pastoring without being clean? They can’t according to 1 Timothy and Titus.

“Follow me as I follow Christ,” Paul said. But most pastors just say: “follow me.” And “you can write out your tithe check to….”

There is a big difference between real Christianity and what the ‘church’ says is real today. Consider the parallels between the church during Bonhoeffer’s day in Nazi Germany and the evangelical ‘church’ today with President Bush and the Republican Party. The evangelicals even voted for President Bush’s second term! President Bush, a Skull and Bonesman (like his dad and grandfather) was setting the stage for what President Obama is now doing. And the ‘church’ supported Bush no matter what???

We the people are supposed to be in charge in this country, but ‘Christians’ wanted a master just like Germans wanted Hitler? It didn’t seem to matter what President Bush did: his reverse-Christian wars, the many unconstitutional signing statements, The ‘Patriot’ Act, NSA wire-tapping everyone, repealing Constitutional safeguards, laughing at the people, saying the Bible can’t be trusted, the Zillion dollar corporate bailout, etc..

We need to be like Bonhoeffer, not like the majority of the pastors who went along with the system. Bonhoeffer focused on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), while the Lutheran pastors in Nazi Germany focused on their submit-no-matter-what interpretation of Romans 13.

It was the pastors’ fault then, and I really think it’s the pastors’ fault now. Almost universally, they dissed Ron Paul in 2008, and now many hope that somehow Rand Paul will be their second chance. But it’s very possible that things will be too bad in 2012 for there maybe to even be an election.

What if Israel, with the evangelical church’s full backing (because they don’t love the Iranians as much as they love US and Israel, to make sure that this is a just war. See this: Sarah Palin demonstrates why most evangelicals dissed Ron Paul, who wanted to bring the troops home. ‘Christians’ have two sets of books: one for US and one for THEM (“who don’t deserve rights”). THEY’re not our ‘neighbor’ whom Jesus commanded US to love as much as ourselves. Maybe that’s why most evangelicals refuse to investigate 9/11. If THEY didn’t take down the towers…???), using US money and arms starts WWIII in a few months? Many think it’s likely.

What would Jesus do? What would He have us do?

Are we Christ’s if we follow pastors who don’t follow Christ? “Follow me as I follow the Lord,” Paul. “Those who are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.”

What if Joe Biden really is the antichrist? I’m not at all saying for certain that he is, but what if this really happens?

The ocean is already turning to blood. They’re successfully destroying our country from every-which way. And the ‘church’ is into football, the love of money and lust.

Jesse Colin Young: “Come on People Now, Smile on Your Brother; Everybody GET TOGETHER, Try to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, Right Now”

We can do it through Christ Who strengthens us!

“Don’t be drunk with wine but be FILLED with the HOLY Spirit.”

Power to the Peaceful!

May we be ONE with each other in Christ. Then the world will know.

Jeff : )


I recently discovered Personas for Firefox


I just shot the ultimate flower photo!


  1. PaulB

    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!

    Jeff, good for you, you go after God and don’t stop till you recieve the visitation you are aching for. It is a very good thing to want to be righteous, holy, and full of love. I applaud your efforts and encourage you to seek after that which is truly good. I am including a series of 4 sermons I thought invaluable, and really really encourage you to seek God till you find him. All power in heaven and in earth has been given to me, said Jesus; and as such seek Him for the power and the ONE desire will manifest here on earth as it is in heaven. Paul

  2. Rich

    Hey Jeff, what’s going ON?? Any pictures? Or have you taken up a new hobby?

    • Jeff Fenske

      Dear Rich,

      Actually, I’ve been watching the Tour de France, especially the mountain stages, but I do that every year. I’m trying to cut out things so I can get more of the things done that I really need to. But even though we seem to be getting closer and closer to the end of this once great country, I can still justify watching cyclists race through Europe’s mountains, countryside and people for three weeks. I also watch some travel and food programs in high def..

      I could cut out all of these things and do more, but I don’t think it’s mostly up to me to bring in truths that set people free. I get frustrated sometimes in that it’s so crystal clear to me what is going on spiritually and in the natural, and that such a small percentage of people seem to be really hungry for the truth. I’ve spent many thousands of hours on these blogs, sharing what I discover, trying to generate interest, but sometimes I think it’s okay to just sit back until people get more hungry, and therefore get more interested.

      Still, I do have some catching up to do at ONEcanhappen and JeffFenske. I have an important week of vacation right now in which to get this done.

      Regarding this blog, I’m having a harder time justifying taking the time to put up the just-for-fun photos. Cargo’s Last Stand is basically done, now that I mainly work inside a warehouse and sometimes around the not-as-interesting passenger planes. So photo ops at work aren’t many.

      I do have a couple of other non-fine-art photos that I very much want to post, which I will hopefully this week. If times weren’t so serious, I’d consider doing something like Darwin Wiggett’s daily pic thing, but that would be more of a hobby project. To me, photography is much more than a hobby. It’s a way to communicate.

      Cargo’s Last Stand wasn’t just fun because of the cargo planes and the scenery, but I think it was the people aspect that made it especially fun for me.

      My best guess is that I’m in transition right now. My main photography goal is to shoot fine art. But I can’t post it until I’m able to protect it — which is why I can’t post my latest work.

      I’ve been lazy about shooting landscape, lately, but I have been seriously shooting some flowers. I’m still hoping to shoot some landscape this week if it does stop raining. I need to get back on that train, even though it usually requires so much more effort in order to achieve the spectacular.

      I’m also still diligently learning the Nik software. This will be an important component in what I’ll produce.

      In my research, I have discovered that the “Unfinished Symphony” can now be finished: Little Su (unfinished symphony — the photo that almost wasn’t) [though the photo is now missing because I realize that it looks like the symphony now can fully happen!]. I discovered that the data has been in the RAW file all along! It’s so important to shoot in RAW, which I always do.

      I’ve spent significantly less time learning Photoshop (which will mostly just be my base program now), but if I just learn this one thing….

      I need to learn how to put a translucent (sometimes opaque), colored rectangle onto a portion of my fine-art images, to which I can add my text. This will be my CS5-proof watermark that will double as a way to make statements that matter. I’m still thinking of using one photo per chapter of my Let Us Be ONE prophecy, putting the chapter headings, or other significant quotes from the text.

      I think my art will help showcase my spiritual work, and my spiritual work will help generate interest for my art.

      I did actually talk to the framer after at least temporarily giving up on my unconventional, glassless framing-option idea that I’ve been so intent on. I think it’s still doable for sometime in the future, but lately it’s been dragging me down, giving me one more excuse not to get printing. I really don’t need one more part of the project that I have to do myself. And being that I would be partially pioneering a process makes it that much more of a time and thought burden. I can’t do all of this by myself. I don’t have enough time to get ‘er all done. I need to focus on what I’m good at.

      For those of you who aren’t familiar with my reasoning here. My goal has been to utilize a framing technique that is inexpensive and glassless, so hangable prints can be affordable for average people, and be fairly vivid without requiring direct halogen lighting. I want to make up-to 24 x 36 inch prints affordably hangable. It’s amazing how a print that size can positively enhance a room’s atmosphere.

      I realize that most people can’t afford halogen track lighting, so for me, standard glass is out. It’s just too reflective, keeping the print from releasing its effect into the room, unless it’s directly halogen lit. The glass that Rodney Lough, Jr. uses in all of his frames is so transparent that it’s not a factor. But his frames are also more than $1,000, the Nature View Glass option costing $250 extra! Most people I know can’t afford anything close to that, and times are probably only going to get worse, financially.

      So until I can get a really inexpensive way to ‘frame’ a print — without a frame and without glass (spray-coating is the protection), perhaps I’ll try to mostly sell the prints unframed, but have this option for prints bought locally. And this is how I would display them for now:

      I’m thinking now to frame the prints traditionally, but with AR (anti-reflection) coating. This may be the same glass that Rodney is using. My framer has museum glass and this AR glass, which is less expensive than museum glass, but still spendy. I can see why Rodney charges $250 more for this option. But every image hung in his galleries have it too.

      The problem I see is that people visit galleries, awe struck by images that are lit with multiple 50 or 100 watt halogens at the perfect angle, all containing the best anti-reflective glass. They’ll buy a framed print for $3000 (not spending the extra bucks for Nature View Glass), and they’ll hang it on their wall (not having multiple halogens) and get blasville. “What happened to this stunning print, honey?”

      My goal isn’t mainly to make money. My main goal is to have inspired art owners, enjoying their now inspired environment! I want to bless people’s hearts during these tough times, enfolding for them beauty in this increasingly dark world.

      [A tech note: I discovered that both types of anti-reflective coatings are applied to the side of the glass facing the viewer. I’m thinking that they act like lens coatings, allowing more transmission of light as well as greatly reducing reflections. Museum glass has slightly more UV protection, which probably does color the glass slightly. The projected archival life of the inks are now almost 100 years, so an extra 15% or so of protection isn’t necessary, and probably unwanted if it further hues the glass.]

      Regarding finally starting to print. I still have some serious housekeeping to do to make a big enough work area, and I’ll have to push myself through the intimidating and expensive learning curve; though, it’s probably not as bad as I anticipate. And I’m kind of getting to know myself now, after almost 53 years. It might be seriously not fun to learn the operation, but once I do, the process will probably become second nature.

      I still can’t put a timetable on when the first print will be ready. It’s one of my top priorities, but I still have to say that my absolute number one priority is doing my part to get real Christianity going in Anchorage, and I just got marching orders for doing a project that will take a significant chunk of this week of vacation to complete. Because I know this is exactly what God told me to do, this could become the final catalyst for revival to happen in our community. And from there it could spread to the whole world!

      And one thing that I know for sure is that once revival happens, once God is totally filling us collectively, it will be so easy to get the things done that now, at least to me, seem like such a struggle. That will be THE BREEZE, truly!

      I spoke above about how I deeply believe that it is only fair that people in the world (the Gordon Lightfoot/Pete Townshend examples) will see the real thing, finally, so they can totally know that God really is awesome…. And then they can much more knowledgeably decide one way or the other, as I stated above.

      But I also believe that real Christianity, ONE happening is our only hope to lead a reasonably sane life in the years to come. What’s hitting us is so bad…. America is falling apart so rapidly, by dark design, that it’s very possible that the streets of Anchorage could be Mad Max or worse, or we could see a total lockdown police state if we don’t get real revival going here.

      “When people lose everything, and there’s nothing left to lose … they lose it.” – Gerald Celente

      There are so many things they’re hitting us with all at once, which I document at ToBeFree. It seems that they’re trying to bring US down now so we don’t have enough time to sufficiently educate the people so we can keep our freedoms.

      They’re right now even trying to take away the free internet, citing national security. Which to me is so bogus. All businesses and the government has to do in order to keep their documents safe, unhackable, is to keep them off of the internet. But they have to utilize Problem > Reaction > Solution. They have to create the problem in order for the people to fearfully react so they can then bring their pre-planned, police-state solution: Internet II, which they would totally control.

      So for the sake of all of us, I think our only way to have civility is if we have real Christianity happening in just one group of people in our community. It only needs to start in one place, which will affect this whole town big-time! And then the world will know! (John 17)

      It will be so much fun! I can’t wait for that day. Once ONE happens, I think everything will flow as smooth as melted butter. We may go through rough times — but we’ll be finally, in God, together — the presence of God amongst us all — all of us helping each other, empowered by God, flowing in our unique gifts!!!!!!!

      The Devil wants us isolated, anemic, ineffective. But imagine the joy and the peace that will come when real unity with God and each other happens! I know this may seem like just a theoretical concept to many, something that myself and others are just imagining. But we’re going to realize this just as (and even more than) other communities have in the past.

      I think this is mainly because we finally got our doctrines right, along with the real threat of fascism ready to crush us, where we may even see Revelation fulfilled. Yikes!

      I was hoping that revival would happen without the end of America factor — which would have postponed the end of America. But apparently the deception is so great and the sin temptations are so attractive that we needed this dark catalyst for enough people to be finally willing to wake up.

      I think it’s totally realistic to expect to see and fully experience revival (real Christianity, ONE, the scriptures in my ONEcanhappen header realized) in Anchorage this year! A few key people doing the right thing can make it happen.

      I believe it will start here and soon. And I’ve probably underestimated how great of a role my photography can play. Reason alone doesn’t always work. Maybe I need to show people images of what ONE really looks like.

      Rich, I appreciate very much your wonderfully relentless encouragement to get my photography fully happening! I don’t have a lot of fans who compel me forward. A hobby is something one can just use to pass time and goof around with. For me, photography needs to be the achievement of something special. I need to get the final product happening so no one can think that photography is just a hobby for me. It’s a means to an end:


      Sincerely and thankfully,

      Jeff : )

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